My Favorite….playing dress up

Sitting in my bed while drinking coffee, reading my favorite bloggers finds, and shopping are what Saturdays are created for, right?  I love the quiet of a Saturday when I act as if nothing else in the world matters!  I mean, does it really?  For a little while, I give myself the luxury of this RX and allow the world to be still.



I start imagining  what all could work with the new shoes I just purchased for all the spring flings I am planning in my head and the ones that are really going to happen.  The number of flings may not match the real events that are happening, but all in all, this shoe will be a part of all the fun.

Won’t that new maxi dress be fun with this shoe!  I can’t wait to see what those new white jeans will look like with these and that pencil skirt from last year….it will certainly look great, and updated with a new ankle strapped heel.  This is what the journey in a new pair of Steve Madden ankle strap heels looks like and I am quite sure Steve would be so happy to share the journey I intend to take.

See, girls!  We  never stop imagining and we really never stop playing dress up.  What is wrong with a little dress up time?   My closet has a lot to look forward to when the heels arrive.  Cannot wait……spring looks so fun already…

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Confessions in a dressing room….

I had to spend a day in Houston recently and I don’t mind this.  I actually look forward to planning a day around shopping and fitting in a doctor’s appointment along with the shopping.  Trust me, I pick my times at the doctor very strategically and plan the day around the shopping, not the doctor visit!  Food comes into mind and whether I want brunch, to enjoy  a fun lunch with Houston friends, or include dinner on the way out of the city for the grand finale, it is always a consideration.   See, a lot goes into these trips. When the calendar says doctor visit….the plans begin!   I always try to get a lot of bang for my buck and time.

This trip called for a day in highland village, one of my favorite hot spots in Houston.  I really did not have a need, but that is certainly not the only reason to shop, right?  As a shopper, and a personal shopper, I do feel one of my jobs is keeping up with what’s new, what’s available , and where is it.  As stated earlier, I never miss an opportunity when I have to drive to the city anyway.

I went into a boutique I shop in a lot and there were many, many pair of white jeans.  Cropped, ankle, distressed, girlfriend, boyfriend….you get the picture.  I decided I would just grab a handful and head back to the dressing room. I love white jeans and decided if any of these worked, I would just own a new pair.  They are truly a staple in my spring / summer closet and I love a good fitting pair of white jeans.

The process began…one down, 2 down, three down.  Perhaps a new size?  The associate retrieved several new pair in the new size.  One down, 2 down, no to number 3. I don’t really know how to tell you, but the fit just wasn’t right and I knew it.  I walked out of the store after trying on 8-10 pair of white jeans.  In sharing this experience, I want you to realize sometimes we just don’t find the one.  There is no shame in this experience.  There is no shame in walking out with nothing and the job of the associate in the store is to allow this also.  Their job is to help, and not to talk me into something I do not want or feel good in.

This is also my goal as I help detox a closet.  Sometimes it is hard to get rid of something we spent a lot of money on, know we wore once, or maybe even never; if we are being really honest.  But, how much better to have the space for the perfect pair of white jeans when we find them, than a mistake looking me in the face every time I open the closet.  When I finish a closet,  many clients are overwhelmed with how much relief they feel.  They can really enjoy opening the door to everything they really love and look good in with confidence.  This is true satisfaction for me.

Now back to the treasure hunt of the perfect pair of white jeans to add this season…

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My Favorite….Rainy days…. and Saturday 

img_0768I am thinking about my small Texas hometown that was enraged with horrible fires and winds this past week.  Such tragedy and sorrow for so many. I grew up loving the wide open spaces and still love this area of Texas. My heart will forever be locked in this place.  Nothing is more beautiful to me than wheat fields blowing in the wind and watching the sun go down at the end of a long summer day.  Now I live in the East Texas pines and forget how wide open the Texas Panhandle is and how the wind can blow. Prayers continue!

I am doing one of my  favorite things this am …coffee in bed, magazines and catalogues all around and the nice scent of a beautiful candle.  For me to not jump up and start a project or cleaning or cooking on Saturday morning, this has to be how I do it. Once I am up, dressed, and “coffeed”, I am on a roll.  But I love the quiet, cozy ease of a Saturday beginning. I don’t even mind waking early as long as I get to stay right here in this quiet, peaceful, cozy place called home.

Ideas of outfits to put together, a new arrangement for the dining table or exploring possibilities in a cookbook  for a spring dessert are birthed right here as I watch squirrels running all over the deck and back courtyard.  My French doors present thimg_0742e perfect view for watching the day awaken.

Lazy mornings can bring satisfaction, healing, and peace after a fast week and I don’t mind saying I need this time.  I am thankful I can have these moments and I sure don’t take them for granted……

Need a little peace?  Find a few catalogues, a good book, and grab another cup of Java…It will do your whole self good…mind, body, and soul…

And a chocolate croissant won’t hurt my feelings either…good morning friend!  ❤❤❤


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Designer copycat…Cargo Pants

Seems the designers have all caught on. Not a designer out there now who doesn’t have a comfy clothes line,  in addition to their most fabulous creations. They want in on the act and are doing a great job of creating the clothes we travel in, exercise and catch a coffee in, and all around live in. Call them what you wish, these are our “go to” clothes that we love the most.  Our actual “live in” clothes.

When I travel, whether in car or plane, I like to feel and look put together, but I need comfort and ease when taking quick breaks.  I love to arrive feeling unwrinkled and as fresh as possible.  I have been known to be putting on makeup, fingernail polish and lipstick as we travel down the road.  This is not while I am driving, but as a passenger. 😉



The last time I visited my daughter in Austin, we decided to do a little shopping…shocker!  One of our favorite stores is Athleta in the domain.  So many fun new looks for the spring. This store always has a mixture of the exercise clothes and the fun, run around,  cute looks that are so comfortable and easy to maintain.  Always love their bathing suits too….just a side note for you.  Whether exercising or running the errands of life, they have  an outfit for the need.  I found this adorable pair of cargo pants in the perfect fabric.  I immediately fell in love with them!  Great fabric, a little stretch and a fit I love.  Pull on waist and no drawstring  are also a thumbs up for me!    I absolutely will not tell you how many times I have had them on.  That’s the wonderful thing about black too,right?  I mean, if I had worn the green pair, and wore them again tomorrow, you might say, I think she had those on yesterday.  But the black…

These little jewels are a spring favorite and I wanted to let you in on it.  Get creative and lets keep those designers working on the clothes we live in the most.  I might add, this fabric is a recycled fabric made from the plastic bottles we toss everyday!!!  Win, win….me, and the world I live in.

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My Favotite….bootie collection addition

I guess you can tell from the title of this blog it is impossible for me to pick a favorite bootie. But…. it is not hard for me to find another bootie to add to the collection of booties and boots that fill my closet in the fall to spring season.

A month ago I went to visit the new and beautiful Nordstrom store in Austin. It is located in the domain area and I was so excited to have a few hours on my hand to spend exclusively in their store. A shoppers dream!!!  A few hours.  I intended to spend every hour of it in the one store because a girl needs to explore every area of her favorite department store, right? I mean, really!!!  The store is absolutely beautiful and I loved the lay out of the store.  I encourage anyone in the area to give yourself a treat and stroll the store.  Date!!!

Cosmetic counters and shoe department were my priority.  The store is absolutely beautiful and certainly makes you want to linger as long as time allows.  How I love meeting the beautiful ladies at different counters, checking on my favorite products, smelling new scents and how I love choosing shoes to try on. When your associate acts as if you are the only person in the shoe department, one lingers even longer!!  Great marketing skills!!!!



Well, one of my favorite designer had just put out a new bootie and I felt like the girl who found the first Easter egg….Jeffrey Campbell’s new oiled bootie  jumped off the shelf and had to be tried on.  Guess what?  The boot came home with me that day.  I am not sure I haven’t worn it nearly every day since. Comfort, color so right, and perfect heel height for a days  wearing. What more, I ask, what more could we want. Price is great too if you want a quality, beautiful bootie.  They have remained beautiful through some pretty nasty weather…just another bonus!

I hope I have expressed my passion for the new bootie that is taking me places I never knew I wanted to go….


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Mama knows….

I was blessed growing up in a house full of female types. My dad probably thought differently but he did get to raise 2 sons also.  Six children they were blessed with. Big family and lots of activity. Fun times and beautiful memories are part of my heritage.

To say my mom was busy is to make a very inaccurate statement. Perhaps to say she managed the home to a point it seemed to run with ease is a much more accurate statement. But who am I to say.  I was just one of the “littles” busy in my own little world.  Unlike many today though, we did all have our part in making the home what it was…cooking being part of my assignment and love.  Certainly helped in my confidence in the kitchen today.  Also, a way I express myself.  We’ll talk of that more in the future.

My mother always believed in skincare and has beautiful skin to this day. She wears makeup everyday  or at least makes sure the moisturizer and lipstick is on.  Even  on Saturday’s when we would be doing housework and it was time to go to town to get groceries, the makeup went on. At times, I thought why?  Now I understand her desire to present herself the best she could. No doubt, she was hiding a few circles under some tired eyes.

When my older sister and I expressed a desire to start wearing makeup, mother loaded us in the car and we went to the city. Our small town had no place to shop except the pharmacy and grocery store, so off we went. She took us to a store that sold makeup exclusively and we were taught the essentials of face cleansing, product information, and makeup application. I can remember this so well because, number one, it made me feel special and grown up.  Just to have that much quality time with mother is a fun memory also. Never underestimate a day with a child.  Then to address the awkward years and make us feel understood!!!
After all, we were in junior high school. The awkward years for sure. Number 2, I did always think my mother was beautiful made up, so I knew I would feel beautiful too.

Those good habits taught have certainly followed me and helped me in the process that happens to all of us…aging.  I will continue to share products that have been tested, tossed, treasured, and boasted about.

Today it’s all about boasting about how lucky I am to have a beautiful mother that loves what a little lipstick can do for a clean face.  She celebrates her 84th birthday this month. 💗💗💗

Her children will arise and call her blessed…img_2202

That’s my beautiful mother sitting by me and all the beautiful girls she raised…

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My Favorite….eye prime

Sometimes you are introduced to a product and it just works!  It works so well that you use it daily and never entertain the thought of walking away from the product or investing any time or energy  into seeing if  another product works better.  Sounds like a romance novel in the making..

That is how I feel about this little jewel.  It has been in my arsenal of products for probably 20 years and I would not dream of turning it loose.  Every word that the product promotes about itself is truth!  How many of us would like that to be the case with more of the products in our drawer?

I am not a girl who doesn’t wash her face at night, but I can assure you, I have had some late nights and my eye makeup looks as fresh and “in place” as when it was applied.  How fun is that!!!  It can be used alone, but the base allows other shadows and liners to cling and keep their color true.  I choose a fleshy color without any shimmer.  My favorite color is painterly.  Give it a try and stay up all night if you wish.  You will look gorgeous, I promise.  Let me know what you think. ❤❤❤

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