How is it going?

So….here we are, perhaps the busiest month of the year….the most wonderful time of the year….right?

Sometimes, this beautiful month can create a mood that transcends all the beauty this precious time of year is all about. How has that happened? How have we allowed the greatest gift we could ever receive become the battleground that removes all feelings of love, giving, and even receiving? How has the focus of generosity and giving become a focus of strife and debt? How has all the joy and peace given way to unrest and anger?

A few years back, I was so sad during the holidays and really did not know if I even wanted to decorate for the Christmas season. We would be leaving for Christmas and no one would be seeing my home anyway, I told myself. Then I realized I had a guest every single day in my home if I invited Him. I realized I had a guest that I was celebrating during these not so fun Holidays. I realized the amount of strife I allowed was totally in my control and I had the ability to rise above it all and enjoy the season regardless of what was going on around me. I could choose rest, peace, and fun doing all the things I loved to do. I could bake, make my favorite candies, decorate my home, entertain precious people in my home, and give gifts to people I adore.

I made the decision to invite the guest I wanted to partake every day, every meal, every joy, and yes, every sorrow with. I chose to welcome Him and enjoy His presence….

What a beautiful decision….attitude adjusted…❣️

Merry Christmas to you and yours….

Thank you my dear readers and friends for your continued support….❤️❤️❤️

I cherish you and look forward to another beautiful year…

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My favorite…..Velvet

Have you ever wanted to dress a little different for the holiday season yet felt like you didn’t really have an event to dress for? Perhaps, just a little more fun or a little more polished in your every day look; just because glitz is all around right now? You are in luck!

There has never been more velvet around than there is right now. From camis, to T’s, to short sleeve tops, to just a velvet sleeve, to leggings, to…..need I say more? Velvet is everywhere! And the best news of all….you can wash and wear.

I don’t know about you, but I do like to dress a little more fun during the holidays and this change in texture and fabric makes it so easy! You can still wear your jeans, boots, Uggs, and feel a bit more festive because you have a little crush with velvet going on….😁…..just a slight play on words. Ha❣️

Take a chance and invite a friend to lunch if you have no event! Make your event! Perhaps a cocoa date with your favorite and drive around to see the lights…put on that velvet top and take a nighttime walk in the park….create your fIrst tradition and let velvet be a part of it! It will

make you feel festive…..I promise!

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My favorite…….FOR HIM

A few years ago, I decided to find my husband a new slipper. He has always been a man who likes to wear a slipper instead of going barefoot.

My husband was very particular about his slippers too. After a time, I could no longer find the slipper he wore for years so I was on the search.

I️ had been introduced to Ugg slippers along with several pair of Ugg boots. Love at first wear….so, I decided to look at men’s Ugg slippers. How could he not love what I loved and could not wait to slip into at day’s end. The search was on!

I was so excited as I started reading reviews as to how many men wrote reviews and how many women stated they had finally nailed it on a gift for the man they loved. Needless to say, I ordered the slippers right away.

I can assure you, I did nail it and I am so happy every day that my husband does love his Ugg slippers.  He offices at home now so most of the time, he wears his slippers daily and takes them off when he goes outdoors or leaves the home. These slippers are always in his suitcase when we travel, and he enjoys having them in the hotels.  I have suggested these slippers to many women through the years and can assure you, I have never had a woman come back to say her husband or boyfriend doesn’t want the slippers.

From suede to leather, and the richest colors in chestnut, black, charcoal, espresso, and navy, and as many styles as we could dream up, I believe you will find a pair that suits your man.  Check them out and let me know your thoughts!  Happy man, happy day!

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Time out….

Life has been so hectic as of late and will continue to be for all of us through the end of the year.

This in not a news flash for anyone; just the reality of our times. At times I feel really sad to realize how quickly things are happening. If we aren’t careful to live in the day, it can really be that we look up and the holiday season is over and we wonder if we experienced it at all.

This year I decided to do something my daughter has been doing for years. I cannot take credit for the idea, but I did decide to incorporate it. I am making a calendar for the month of December of things I want to do. I want to make an event of the ordinary days and celebrate the entire magical month.

These events may be as simple as lighting a Christmas candle and playing the Christmas playlist while eating dinner. Perhaps a night snuggling in Christmas pjs while watching a Christmas movie…. I always love Frosty the snowman ⛄️ How about a night wrapping gifts together with friends or family members? Driving around with a hot chocolate looking at Christmas lights is always so fun for me. I also love candy making and cookie baking. How about inviting a group of little girls into your home to bake and let mommy have a day to herself? What a gift to give and receive!!!! Making events of the simplest holiday tradition can enhance the true spirit of Christmas and I don’t want to look back December 26th and wonder what happened!

How do you intend to celebrate this most wonderful time of the year?

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A Balancing Act…

For me, there are varying prices of clothes in my closet.  When working with clients, I also suggest this advice.

I advise clients to have some “go to” clothes.  These are clothes which can be grabbed any time that will take one anywhere.  They are the basics that I think every woman needs in the closet. Then, there are the trendy pieces I do not spend nearly as much money on and I will, most likely, wear one season.

I always suggest a great fitting pair of black slacks.  I will do a post in the future of wearing said black pants every day for a week and how many different looks can be created.  This is an investment piece, in my opinion, and more money can be spent here.  A great fabric that will wear well is so important.  Starting this time of year, these pants can be worn for work, worn on dates, worn to church, because of cooler weather, and any job setting you are in.

Next, I look for a fabulous, well-fitting dress.  Of course, we look for the “LBD”.  It doesn’t have to be black, but black always works.  I find most  women enjoy a black dress and it can certainly take us anywhere also.  A well fitted dress always makes us feel great and if it doesn’t have a trendy cut, it can last for years.  I suggest a shift or wrap dress many times for this piece.  This style looks great on any body type.

I next suggest a well fitted jacket.  The fabric can be varied and a personal choice.  I love a great leather or suede this time of the year, but a nice soft blend is always perfect too.  Again, I suggest this to be one suited to you in color and style, but a color you love and will no tire of.  I believe a jacket can be great with jeans, a dress and any slack in your closet.  A trendy jacket could be more your style and that is ok too.  Just realize your price could be different and this piece could be changed up from year to year.  Because I am shorter, I like a shorter jacket length too.  This too, is a personal choice, but it needs to fit your body style well.

What closet would be complete without a great fitting  pair of jeans?  Of course, most of us have more than one pair of jeans, but if you have one pair that fits perfect, you will be set.  Like shopping for a swimsuit, if it takes a day, and trying on 30 pair, it will be time well spent.  Style that suits your body type is very important here.

Another classic is the white shirt.  How far can a pair of black slacks and a crisp white shirt take you?  In my opinion, a long way!  It can be adorned with pearls, a fabulous cashmere wrap, a fun vest, or on its own.  The white shirt needs to be a nice fabric that will hold up and look great after many wears.  I love a great, crisp cotton and I also love a beautiful silk.

I truly believe every closet needs a great white T.  I love  having 2-3 white T’s.  I want a sleeveless, and a couple of long sleeve.  Necklines could be differing also.  Truly, like a great pair of slacks, a day spent looking for your perfect T will not be a wasted day.

These are items I encourage every woman to shop for and enhance her closet with.

Do you need some updates?  Give me a call and let’s make a day of it!

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My Friday Favorite…..Barefoot Dreams

If you have never heard of this brand, you might think I am talking summer days.   But, this Favorite is referring to a find I am totally infatuated with.

Several years ago, I went to the Nutcracker Market in Houston and went into a booth that had beautiful blankets, robes, and baby items.  Never have a felt such softness and cuddly fabric.  Absolutely no way to describe this fabric blend to do it justice.  Needless to say, I walked out of the booth with a new robe.  I must be honest to say, I ended up cutting the robe off at the waist and had it hemmed.  Now it is a bed jacket I love to wear in the winter.  It was just too much for me to wear all morning while drinking coffee and scurrying around my home.  However, sitting in the bed, reading on a Saturday morning and enjoying coffee, I created the perfect cozy bed jacket.  A few years later, I found a short wrap and I purchased it.  I have worn it as a cardigan, as well as a light robe , especially while traveling.  source

During the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale,  I discovered the blanket.  I believe this would be a wonderful gift for anyone on your Christmas list.  Certainly children, men, and women would  be thrilled with this blanket and it comes in several colors.  source

Whether it is time to think of gift giving, or it is time to think of a winter robe or throw, I do not think you would ever be disappointed in the purchase of Barefoot Dreams.  The name itself brings feelings of cuddling and warmth.


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My Friday Favorite…….Fall Foods

I don’t know about you, but when the weather begins to change, my appetite changes too.  I am not sure if that is a good thing or not, but it is a real thing,   

Our summers are long and hot.  Many days, the thought of cooking and eating is just not there.  Give me some fruit, preferably watermelon, and call it a meal.  But let the first hint of cool weather come in and my taste buds go into overdrive.  Soups, stews, baked muffins, breads, and can we stir up a roux for some gumbo, please!  

I thought I would share a fall recipe I have had for years.  I got this recipe from a dear friend years ago.  We used to get together every holiday season and bake.  I have wonderful memories and we probably would get together still, but we don’t live close anymore.😞  Miss my friend Susan much, but still love to celebrate the memories and love to bake her fabulous pumpkin bread when that first hint of fall announces itself.  I really enjoy the spicy aroma in my home when I am baking it too!  I wish you could experience the smell right now!!!  Better than any candle.  

                                              PUMPKIN BREAD

  • 3 c sugar
  • 1/2 t baking powder 
  • 2 t baking soda
  • 3 1/2 c flour
  • 1 t each….salt, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg

Mix all dry ingredients, then add

  • 1 c vegetable oil
  • 1 c water 
  • 1 can pumpkin 15 oz.
  • 4 eggs
  • At times, I like to add chopped walnuts or pecans

Mix all well and bake in 2 loaf pans for 1-1 1/2 hours @ 325*

Here we are, mid October and the holiday season is right around the corner.  This recipe seemed timely because I love to start filling my freezer for easy “go tos” when company starts coming in.  It is great for breakfast, lunchtime with a beautiful salad, and certainly goes well with a cup of coffee or hot tea in the afternoon.  I love to have this bread on hand to pack in a travel bag.  It is a delightful gift to wrap and give a new neighbor, new mother, or anyone who needs a treat.  I sometimes bake this bread in small loaves for this purpose.

What are some of your favorite fall trends?

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My Friday Favorite…..A New Red

I went on a search a few weeks ago and I call it a very successful search.  I found exactly what I was looking for , so……WIN!!!

When the calendar says it’s fall, I have said before, my makeup does a change.  I want richer colors, brighter lips, and darker hair.  I look forward to the change and I love to shop for new colors.  

I took a trip to Sephora and my intent was to spend as long as I needed finding the perfect new fall lipstick.  Many times, when I want a new product, I put that on the list, and spend the day dedicated to that one thing.  It is fine with me if it is all that gets done that day.  I would rather accomplish this one thing and be excited about my find, that try to fit this into a day of errand running and then question my choice.  

This trip was a success.  A new color for fall and I am in love with the color. The brand is Marc Jacobs and I love the lipstick.  It stays very moist, yet does not creep above the upper lip.  It stays put, yet my lips do not look dry.  I have worn it for several weeks to see if it met my approval in what I wanted and the answer is yes!!!  I have looked at this brand before but decided to wait until fall to purchase a new color and I am happy I waited.  This may be the perfect weekend to have fun, make an adventure out of a trip to Sephora or your favorite makeup counter and do some investigating.  Invest a little “me time” and perhaps a pumpkin latte.

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My Friday favorite…..Mac Shadow

I headed to Austin last weekend and had the opportunity to run a few errands.  By errands, I mean a side step for a bit of shopping.😍  Of course, I made a run to the Domain and a trip into Nordstrom.  Oh, how I enjoy this beautiful store.  I love every department and the help is always attentive and knowledgeable.  I am still one who enjoys strolling through the stores, touching, smelling, looking and feeling all the joy shopping brings me.

One stop I usually make is the Mac counter.  I love the eye shadows from Mac better than any other shadows.   I  love the way they go on and I love the creamy feel, yet powder base they are created from.  They are so easy to blend with a great Mac brush.  I also love the abundance of colors.  I wanted a new fall look and something different all together.  Just ready for a new, fun look….perhaps outside the box!  I trust the girls that work there to help me.  They are not just interested in the sale, they are invested to give me the best look for me.  Win!  Win!

I always change my makeup as the weather changes.  The shadows, lipstick, and even moisturizer changes from the lightweight and bronzed look I like in the summer.  As it gets cooler and the clothes get heavier, my makeup colors change too.  I embrace the deeper, richer colors and look forward to the look.  Just like with my clothes, I enjoy changing it up to keep my look from getting boring…… about you?

If you have never tried Mac shadows, I will always suggest them as ones to try and see if you don’t just fall for them.  No matter how many other shadows I try, seems I always end up back at the Mac store or Mac counter.

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Fashion….what’s a girl to do

Looking through magazines, catalogues, and watching television, one might get very confused when it comes to fashion..right???!!!  Not in style, dated, trendy, on point fashion, and many other words.  Flair jeans, skinny, high waist, distressed, not distressed, legging, bootie, open toe, knee high, over the knee, white boot, no to white, bell sleeve, cold shoulder, cage neck, velveteen, embroidered, belt, no belt…..

The descriptions go on and on and the trends come and go.  But the trends don’t go forever!  If we live long enough, we will see a repeat of a style we one time embraced.  I clearly remember when bell bottom pants we’re in style in the 70’s and I can remember when the style made a comeback.  My daughter embraced it, I did not!  Some things we just don’t have to do again.  There have been other trends she would talk to me about and I would just usually tell her, “I have already done that.”  
I talk about all this because it is a reality but we really do not have to get caught up in it.  It does not have to be confusing and difficult.  Once we know our style, which I talk about so much, we can say no.  We can pass by things that do not appeal to us and we can look great.  We can embrace our style and look stylish because we know our style and we own our style.  

 Do you need help discovering what looks best on your body type?  The shopping is more fun and mistakes are less likely to happen.  Now is the perfect time to stop the confusion, embrace your style , and start having fun when you dress.


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