My Favorite

I love mascara!!!  I need to tell you, I LOVE mascara!!!  If I have mascara and a little color on my lips, I can be ok. Well, maybe a little eyebrow and a little blush, oh, and a little….

Years ago someone told me about mascara primer.  I dismissed that product because I didn’t need it. I decided to revisit the notion of a little help a few years ago when at the Dior counter in Nordstrom.  My lashes suddenly didn’t seem quite as lush and strong.  I have also heard this comment from many other women.  Game on!!!

Ta da…. I have fabulous lashes again and I am a happy girl.  Not nearly as long in the application process equals a quicker exit out the door.  That always works!!!  If this post speaks to a need…check it out. I have done the homework, tried several and always come back to Dior lash primer.

Join me is fluttering those lashes again.

Love you all ❤❤❤

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