Lessons from a Red Shoe…

When I was in 5th grade, I watched a girl that was in high school walk across our playground.  I can so remember this, even though it has been a number of years.  I always thought she stood out and this particular day she had on red sneakers.  I remember thinking, if I had red sneakers, I would be just like her.


Red Shoes like these from Nordstrom

Years later, what I realized is that I liked her style.  I recognized that she was putting herself together in a way that appealed to me.  Wow…to realize at 10 years old, I already was noticing something about “pulling it all together”, proves a point to clients.  We truly all have a style.  Her style spoke to me.  It was unique and she was certainly in tune to her individual taste.  Her red tennis shoes set her apart in a field of white tennis shoes!

I encourage clients to sit with catalogs, magazines, and stroll through shops and really pay attention to what calls to them.  It doesn’t take long, if you are trying to decide on your style, before you can see a pattern emerge.  Is it classic, boho, trendy…is it stripes, florals, solids?  Everyone  has a style!  Asking yourself questions about items you love in a catalog begins to reveal to you that you are discovering your own, individual style.  When you take the time to explore, items begin to work with other items in your closet and fewer impulse purchases are made.  Here is one quick example.  I want to love a denim shirt….I see them on other women and love the look.  I have bought many denim shirts made of many different fabrics.  Turns out, they hang in my closet unworn.  I cannot make them work.  No accessorizing makes me love it.  I finally came to terms with this truth about me.  No apologies needed….I don’t like denim shirts or really any button down shirt….it just is not me.  Now I have accepted this and will not spend another penny on denim.  Red shoes on the other hand…..

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