My Favorite….eye prime

Sometimes you are introduced to a product and it just works!  It works so well that you use it daily and never entertain the thought of walking away from the product or investing any time or energy  into seeing if  another product works better.  Sounds like a romance novel in the making..

That is how I feel about this little jewel.  It has been in my arsenal of products for probably 20 years and I would not dream of turning it loose.  Every word that the product promotes about itself is truth!  How many of us would like that to be the case with more of the products in our drawer?

I am not a girl who doesn’t wash her face at night, but I can assure you, I have had some late nights and my eye makeup looks as fresh and “in place” as when it was applied.  How fun is that!!!  It can be used alone, but the base allows other shadows and liners to cling and keep their color true.  I choose a fleshy color without any shimmer.  My favorite color is painterly.  Give it a try and stay up all night if you wish.  You will look gorgeous, I promise.  Let me know what you think. ❤❤❤

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