Mama knows….

I was blessed growing up in a house full of female types. My dad probably thought differently but he did get to raise 2 sons also.  Six children they were blessed with. Big family and lots of activity. Fun times and beautiful memories are part of my heritage.

To say my mom was busy is to make a very inaccurate statement. Perhaps to say she managed the home to a point it seemed to run with ease is a much more accurate statement. But who am I to say.  I was just one of the “littles” busy in my own little world.  Unlike many today though, we did all have our part in making the home what it was…cooking being part of my assignment and love.  Certainly helped in my confidence in the kitchen today.  Also, a way I express myself.  We’ll talk of that more in the future.

My mother always believed in skincare and has beautiful skin to this day. She wears makeup everyday  or at least makes sure the moisturizer and lipstick is on.  Even  on Saturday’s when we would be doing housework and it was time to go to town to get groceries, the makeup went on. At times, I thought why?  Now I understand her desire to present herself the best she could. No doubt, she was hiding a few circles under some tired eyes.

When my older sister and I expressed a desire to start wearing makeup, mother loaded us in the car and we went to the city. Our small town had no place to shop except the pharmacy and grocery store, so off we went. She took us to a store that sold makeup exclusively and we were taught the essentials of face cleansing, product information, and makeup application. I can remember this so well because, number one, it made me feel special and grown up.  Just to have that much quality time with mother is a fun memory also. Never underestimate a day with a child.  Then to address the awkward years and make us feel understood!!!
After all, we were in junior high school. The awkward years for sure. Number 2, I did always think my mother was beautiful made up, so I knew I would feel beautiful too.

Those good habits taught have certainly followed me and helped me in the process that happens to all of us…aging.  I will continue to share products that have been tested, tossed, treasured, and boasted about.

Today it’s all about boasting about how lucky I am to have a beautiful mother that loves what a little lipstick can do for a clean face.  She celebrates her 84th birthday this month. 💗💗💗

Her children will arise and call her blessed…img_2202

That’s my beautiful mother sitting by me and all the beautiful girls she raised…

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