My Favotite….bootie collection addition

I guess you can tell from the title of this blog it is impossible for me to pick a favorite bootie. But…. it is not hard for me to find another bootie to add to the collection of booties and boots that fill my closet in the fall to spring season.

A month ago I went to visit the new and beautiful Nordstrom store in Austin. It is located in the domain area and I was so excited to have a few hours on my hand to spend exclusively in their store. A shoppers dream!!!  A few hours.  I intended to spend every hour of it in the one store because a girl needs to explore every area of her favorite department store, right? I mean, really!!!  The store is absolutely beautiful and I loved the lay out of the store.  I encourage anyone in the area to give yourself a treat and stroll the store.  Date!!!

Cosmetic counters and shoe department were my priority.  The store is absolutely beautiful and certainly makes you want to linger as long as time allows.  How I love meeting the beautiful ladies at different counters, checking on my favorite products, smelling new scents and how I love choosing shoes to try on. When your associate acts as if you are the only person in the shoe department, one lingers even longer!!  Great marketing skills!!!!



Well, one of my favorite designer had just put out a new bootie and I felt like the girl who found the first Easter egg….Jeffrey Campbell’s new oiled bootie  jumped off the shelf and had to be tried on.  Guess what?  The boot came home with me that day.  I am not sure I haven’t worn it nearly every day since. Comfort, color so right, and perfect heel height for a days  wearing. What more, I ask, what more could we want. Price is great too if you want a quality, beautiful bootie.  They have remained beautiful through some pretty nasty weather…just another bonus!

I hope I have expressed my passion for the new bootie that is taking me places I never knew I wanted to go….


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