Designer copycat…Cargo Pants

Seems the designers have all caught on. Not a designer out there now who doesn’t have a comfy clothes line,  in addition to their most fabulous creations. They want in on the act and are doing a great job of creating the clothes we travel in, exercise and catch a coffee in, and all around live in. Call them what you wish, these are our “go to” clothes that we love the most.  Our actual “live in” clothes.

When I travel, whether in car or plane, I like to feel and look put together, but I need comfort and ease when taking quick breaks.  I love to arrive feeling unwrinkled and as fresh as possible.  I have been known to be putting on makeup, fingernail polish and lipstick as we travel down the road.  This is not while I am driving, but as a passenger. 😉



The last time I visited my daughter in Austin, we decided to do a little shopping…shocker!  One of our favorite stores is Athleta in the domain.  So many fun new looks for the spring. This store always has a mixture of the exercise clothes and the fun, run around,  cute looks that are so comfortable and easy to maintain.  Always love their bathing suits too….just a side note for you.  Whether exercising or running the errands of life, they have  an outfit for the need.  I found this adorable pair of cargo pants in the perfect fabric.  I immediately fell in love with them!  Great fabric, a little stretch and a fit I love.  Pull on waist and no drawstring  are also a thumbs up for me!    I absolutely will not tell you how many times I have had them on.  That’s the wonderful thing about black too,right?  I mean, if I had worn the green pair, and wore them again tomorrow, you might say, I think she had those on yesterday.  But the black…

These little jewels are a spring favorite and I wanted to let you in on it.  Get creative and lets keep those designers working on the clothes we live in the most.  I might add, this fabric is a recycled fabric made from the plastic bottles we toss everyday!!!  Win, win….me, and the world I live in.

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