My Favorite….Rainy days…. and Saturday 

img_0768I am thinking about my small Texas hometown that was enraged with horrible fires and winds this past week.  Such tragedy and sorrow for so many. I grew up loving the wide open spaces and still love this area of Texas. My heart will forever be locked in this place.  Nothing is more beautiful to me than wheat fields blowing in the wind and watching the sun go down at the end of a long summer day.  Now I live in the East Texas pines and forget how wide open the Texas Panhandle is and how the wind can blow. Prayers continue!

I am doing one of my  favorite things this am …coffee in bed, magazines and catalogues all around and the nice scent of a beautiful candle.  For me to not jump up and start a project or cleaning or cooking on Saturday morning, this has to be how I do it. Once I am up, dressed, and “coffeed”, I am on a roll.  But I love the quiet, cozy ease of a Saturday beginning. I don’t even mind waking early as long as I get to stay right here in this quiet, peaceful, cozy place called home.

Ideas of outfits to put together, a new arrangement for the dining table or exploring possibilities in a cookbook  for a spring dessert are birthed right here as I watch squirrels running all over the deck and back courtyard.  My French doors present thimg_0742e perfect view for watching the day awaken.

Lazy mornings can bring satisfaction, healing, and peace after a fast week and I don’t mind saying I need this time.  I am thankful I can have these moments and I sure don’t take them for granted……

Need a little peace?  Find a few catalogues, a good book, and grab another cup of Java…It will do your whole self good…mind, body, and soul…

And a chocolate croissant won’t hurt my feelings either…good morning friend!  ❤❤❤


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