Confessions in a dressing room….

I had to spend a day in Houston recently and I don’t mind this.  I actually look forward to planning a day around shopping and fitting in a doctor’s appointment along with the shopping.  Trust me, I pick my times at the doctor very strategically and plan the day around the shopping, not the doctor visit!  Food comes into mind and whether I want brunch, to enjoy  a fun lunch with Houston friends, or include dinner on the way out of the city for the grand finale, it is always a consideration.   See, a lot goes into these trips. When the calendar says doctor visit….the plans begin!   I always try to get a lot of bang for my buck and time.

This trip called for a day in highland village, one of my favorite hot spots in Houston.  I really did not have a need, but that is certainly not the only reason to shop, right?  As a shopper, and a personal shopper, I do feel one of my jobs is keeping up with what’s new, what’s available , and where is it.  As stated earlier, I never miss an opportunity when I have to drive to the city anyway.

I went into a boutique I shop in a lot and there were many, many pair of white jeans.  Cropped, ankle, distressed, girlfriend, boyfriend….you get the picture.  I decided I would just grab a handful and head back to the dressing room. I love white jeans and decided if any of these worked, I would just own a new pair.  They are truly a staple in my spring / summer closet and I love a good fitting pair of white jeans.

The process began…one down, 2 down, three down.  Perhaps a new size?  The associate retrieved several new pair in the new size.  One down, 2 down, no to number 3. I don’t really know how to tell you, but the fit just wasn’t right and I knew it.  I walked out of the store after trying on 8-10 pair of white jeans.  In sharing this experience, I want you to realize sometimes we just don’t find the one.  There is no shame in this experience.  There is no shame in walking out with nothing and the job of the associate in the store is to allow this also.  Their job is to help, and not to talk me into something I do not want or feel good in.

This is also my goal as I help detox a closet.  Sometimes it is hard to get rid of something we spent a lot of money on, know we wore once, or maybe even never; if we are being really honest.  But, how much better to have the space for the perfect pair of white jeans when we find them, than a mistake looking me in the face every time I open the closet.  When I finish a closet,  many clients are overwhelmed with how much relief they feel.  They can really enjoy opening the door to everything they really love and look good in with confidence.  This is true satisfaction for me.

Now back to the treasure hunt of the perfect pair of white jeans to add this season…

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