My Favorite….playing dress up

Sitting in my bed while drinking coffee, reading my favorite bloggers finds, and shopping are what Saturdays are created for, right?  I love the quiet of a Saturday when I act as if nothing else in the world matters!  I mean, does it really?  For a little while, I give myself the luxury of this RX and allow the world to be still.



I start imagining  what all could work with the new shoes I just purchased for all the spring flings I am planning in my head and the ones that are really going to happen.  The number of flings may not match the real events that are happening, but all in all, this shoe will be a part of all the fun.

Won’t that new maxi dress be fun with this shoe!  I can’t wait to see what those new white jeans will look like with these and that pencil skirt from last year….it will certainly look great, and updated with a new ankle strapped heel.  This is what the journey in a new pair of Steve Madden ankle strap heels looks like and I am quite sure Steve would be so happy to share the journey I intend to take.

See, girls!  We  never stop imagining and we really never stop playing dress up.  What is wrong with a little dress up time?   My closet has a lot to look forward to when the heels arrive.  Cannot wait……spring looks so fun already…

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