Let’s reconsider…..

I never thought of myself as a creative person.  Growing up, if the teacher said during art class, “draw what you wish…use your imagination”, I would panic.  My drawing usually ended up being a tree with the sun in the corner…right?  Not sure my tree even had branches.  It was more a round bush on a thick base.  Same situation when we were assigned a science project… grow mold in a Petri dish, create the solar eclipse, or invent a new product that could change the world!   What?  Is this really my job in 7th grade?  Will anyone really give me credit for the invention of a lifetime?  I still ponder these questions, late in the night….

When I married and had my own home, I began to experiment in the kitchen and realized how much I enjoyed tweaking a recipe and entertaining.  I realized how much I loved rearranging things in my home, refinishing furniture, arranging flowers, and organizing anything and everything.  I learned  that I love order and creating a beautiful space.  I learned that I love helping women make decisions  when we shop together.  I began to realize I was asked a lot about my style and my opinion on their style.  I realized how easily I could make a decision and that I knew exactly what I liked.  I realized I could certainly see what looked best on a particular figure and suggest others styles when necessary.  This is a gift, I realized.  I have not been schooled, I have God given talents.  I have skills and I am creative.  What????!!!!

This was all considered when I made the decision to start my business and I have never looked back. I have had such fun and I have certainly loved helping a woman confidently walk into a room, walk down the aisle of a wedding, walk into a boardroom, or make her entrance at a special event.  I love helping a woman discover her style and embrace her style.  I am satisfied only when she is satisfied.

This was all birthed after seeing a quote over and over and realizing it was for me.  The quote was, “If not now, when?”  I had seen it several times and really loved all that it spoke to my own soul.  I was at a point in life where my creative self had seemed to stall and I wanted self fulfillment.  I knew many things I liked to do and knew where my strengths were.  I also just began to listen.  Sometimes, the quieter we are, the louder the true voice speaks.

When you work with me as a client, I can assure you I will not “create” a tree that looks like a round bush on a thick base….and I certainly will not put you, the “sunshine” up in a corner!  You will shine and stand out wherever you may go!  You will walk proudly and with a new confidence and I will be amazed because, once again I have painted a beautiful canvas…

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