My favorite… a pink gem

Sometimes you decide to try a product out of curiosity and you find a gem….among the coal. There are many products out there and I have certainly spent my share of money pursuing. Products that promise much. I am not one easily taken,  but we have all been excited, then disappointed, right?  I also know limitations of a product, regardless of promise, and I don’t need a hard sale.  In fact, the harder the sale, the less likely I am to end up with said magic potion.



I stumbled across this product probably a year ago and I am in love. 💗.  Talk about ease in cleaning makeup brushes. Also, something about the smooth, rounded tips on the surface make me feel like I am not damaging the bristles on my brushes.  If you are like me, when you find the perfect brush for makeup application, you treasure that brush and don’t want it wearing out too soon. Another investment!!!  I have several brushes I want to have a long relationship with. Look for a future post on my favorite brushes!  Just like a clean face making the makeup look much more polished and flawless, a clean brush makes application so much easier.  I try to clean my brushes weekly, but there are times it just doesn’t happen.  When they are clean and ready for use again, the difference is amazing.  Check out this little gem and see if you don’t agree……as my daughter says “the best thing I never knew I always needed”.

By the way….my favoite brush cleanser….baby shampoo…the sweetest smell! 💞

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