Are you Guilty?

Probably 20 years ago, I watched an Oprah show that made a major impact on my clothes and appearance.   It was a show about bra fitting.  You may have viewed the show, but if you didn’t I am here to tell you it is possible you are not wearing the right size bra.  As Oprah revealed that day, most of us are in “cup denial”.

The show had several representatives from Nordstrom and they were trained bra fitting experts.  I cannot remember the percentage, but I am sure that a 90% range of women there  were wearing the wrong bra.  Each woman was shocked, after her fitting, as to how differently her clothes looked and also at how comfortable she was in the new fitting bra.   The women carried themselves differently and most looked 10 years younger once “the girls” were sitting where they belonged with a little support.  Who doesn’t need a little support, right?

I immediately got on the phone with a friend and scheduled a trip to Houston so we, too, could get fitted and find out if we were in cup denial.  Turns out we both were.  This is not a bad thing or a thing to be embarrassed about because who among us at 12 years of age really has a major situation when it comes to undergarments?  It’s going from a t shirt, to suddenly needing a little more protection and coverage.  Then life goes on and we replace the bra and do our best to find one we like and feel “comfortable enough” in.  I would wager most of us really don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the fit or knowing how to make sure the fit is right unless we are trained by mom or happen to be in a store that has bra fitting offered.  Perhaps,we are not really comfortable asking for the help either.  I know when helping women with their closets, undergarments do come up and I have helped several women find a store and get the fitting they need.

Once the fitting is done, there is such a new found love for the bra and every woman feels so different about the experience.  The whole mystery of how to find a bra that fits is over!  So worth the money and time.

If it has  been a long time, or if you have never been properly fitted for a bra, perhaps it’s time to find a friend, plan a fun trip and head to a store that specializes in bra fittings….you may just be in cup denial…..

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