My favorite….organized

Yes…. that is my confession today. I like organization and I like to organize. To those of you who  know me, this is not a surprise. To those beginning to know me through blog world, it may be something you are picking up on.

Whether I am planning a menu, cooking, cleaning a closet, or just scheduling my day, there is usually a list involved, a plan, and a general idea already set in motion to accomplish said project.

The first day of spring, I tackled my own closet for the spring, summer transition. I really look forward to purging the closet, and saying yes or no to the clothes I take the time to try on.  I look forward to planning new outfits and making a list of new items to update clothes I still love and want to transform into this years favotites. I like the feeling of a clean slate and I love looking in my own closet and knowing I have done the work to have the closet I desire with everything in it being something I look forward to wearing.  After all, this is my goal for every client so why would I not want the same for myself.

One store I love to stroll the aisles down is the container store.  Oh, I think the brilliance behind this store needs more applause.  For a girl who loves organization, this store is a shoppers paradise.  And this particular aisle…..well….enough said…..

There are so many items to make a closet organizers dreams come true and there are items that make sense to every closet.

I took pictures of 2 of my very favorite things from the container store.  These hangers are truly the best. Something about having all the hangers matching in the closet makes me happy.   Then, these shoe boxes are over the top .  They have a magnetic closure and just look so beautiful in the closet.  They come in several colors and are worth the cost. I gather these items a few at a time and always watch for the closet sales times.   A slow transformation is not a bad thing. I am trying to convince you a well dressed closet will bring a new calm to your life. How am I doing?

Just wanted to share a few closet secrets and pass on the love…..❤❤❤img_2846img_2847-1img_2848-1

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