Color, color, color

Wow!!!!  Have you walked around any stores yet this spring?  Colors are everywhere!!!  It doesn’t matter whether you are at the market, department store shopping, or looking at home decor. Colors are everywhere and we are talking vivid, bright, and beautiful.

img_2853I started noticing beautiful, spring colors weeks ago on a Houston trip and I continue to see color everywhere.

When you need a little pick me up, I encourage you to run to your favorite shop and just begin to stroll the aisles and allow the colors to speak to your heart and embrace the glorious colors of spring. Our winter was not hard, but the colors of new life really set your heart on a new path.  Sometimes we just need to nurture our heart and I think a slow walk through a small shop or a nursery can do the trick. Nourish the eyes, heart, and soul. Take a little time!!!!  Perhaps you need a new color in your spring closet?  A bright color might just be the item to update your wardrobe.  Perhaps that pop will be in the purse or shoe you need this spring.

What’s your favorite color this spring?  I seem to be partial to blues this year….maybe because a new baby boy is in my future…. how “grand” is that!!!! 💙💙💙

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