My favorite……happy memories

Some days in your life just take you to a place you are happy to find yourself.  Anytime I think of Easter, my memories are special and good.  I grew up in a large family and our home was the gathering spot on Easter.  We went to church as a family then came home to a beautiful meal and Easter egg hunts that would last all day and into the evening hours.  After the parents hid eggs once, the remainder of the day, all the children would hide and hunt the eggs.  So many good times with a yard full of kids.  Cousins came from near and far and then the neighbors would see all that was going on and had to come and be a part of it.  Special memories that come to mind are my moms white rabbit cake with coconut dyed the color of grass the rabbit was sitting in, dying eggs on Saturday, the smell of vinegar, the golden egg with money taped to the outside of it,  and rollers in the hair so we would look our Sunday best!  Did I mention, there were 6 children in our family?  My mom had time to do all this???

Of course, I can remember many of the dresses I had for Easter and I never realized how important that was to me.  I am sure I took it for granted I would have a new dress, along with summer gloves, white shoes and a hat.  I can clearly remember some of those dresses and I can remember how beautiful I felt.  I love, to this day, to see little girls all dressed up.  The boys look especially nice this day also and are a little excited to get home for the egg hunt.  My man usually finds himself in a new linen shirt looking especially handsome..

Easter is special in many ways, but most of all for the true reality that our Savior has risen and death could not keep Him in the grave!  I hope your Easter makes for a wonderful celebration and that your day is filled with sunshine and joy…..let me know how you celebrate and of course, a few pictures of your favorite treats is always fun for me.

Here’s to a full day and a full basket…..🌷

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