Weekend getaway…..

What a whirlwind weekend for us…..

Headed to Waco last week for a great get away.  My husband and I are avid Texas  Longhorn baseball fans.   If you did not know this about me, it’s only because you are new to my world.  That’s ok and now you know.  I have loved baseball for a long, long time and when I met my husband, he, too, was a baseball nut.   That is when I knew….ha. ❤  No, I just knew we could have a great time sharing something great together and we have.  Many miles, many games, some college classics and college World Series are a part of our history.  I can tell you some stories and I can talk baseball..

So, we headed out Thursday, with our bags packed for baseball, shopping, and Easter fun.  When I knew we had a baseball weekend in Waco, my mind went to another place also.  Not surprising for a shopper!!!!  I did not put shopping in place of the baseball games, I just added this to the “what to do” list of the weekend.  The times for games were just perfect for shopping….nice!!!!  Thank you for the consideration, Waco! 😉

Our daughter met us Friday to go to the famous, magnificent “magnolia market” in Waco.  It is everything that is has been described as, and  like many other places, until you go, no words can adequately describe it.  It’s one of those places, if you love shopping, you could move  from section to section and stand for a solid 20 minutes and just look. I think that is what happened to me as soon as I walked in the door.   You do have to say excuse me a lot and you do, at times, have to wait your turn….such is the life when you go somewhere made quite popular and fun.  A great job has been done to provide comfort, some fun lounging spots and kid friendly running hotspots.  We got to witness a proposal also.  I kind of felt like we were intruding, but after all, he was in a very public place and we heard the plan from him; well, my husband heard the story and shared with my daughter and me. We were busy shopping and would, most likely, have never known, but he found us and let us know what was about to take place.  So, we had to hang around to see if he got the answer he was waiting for…….he did!!!!


We stood in line at the famous bakery and it was not a mistake.  We came away with some beautiful cupcakes and cookies that were worth it!!!!!

img_2975-1Converse are always in style. And at Magnolia Market and I would highly recommend them.  Any hat would be fun and a comfy cross body would complete the outfit for a fun day in Waco.



In my take away bag, I had to have a candle and a magnolia tote…..one can never have too many of either, right?  I am sure my tote will be made personal with the help of my dear friend, Leah, who does the best monogramming around!!!!  Also, found the cutest little cupcake holder for future birthday cupcakes..





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