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This year my husband and I celebrated our 39th anniversary!  I am proud of us and I am proud of the way we have walked out many hard times.  We have had some glorious years, but I am always ready to tell the younger generation of our struggles because I want them to realize they will come.  I think I also fantasized about love being able to carry a couple through anything, but that is just not the case.  I also admit, there were times I wanted to walk away because it was just too hard.  I  began to realize that hard was going to be in any life if we are fortunate to love and live long enough. I can look at family, friends, and acquaintances and realize now that life can be difficult. Life will be throwing come curves in unexpected ways. Many things come in and blindside us.  Many times we feel as if we cannot make it.

What I began to realize during a very specific time of my life was that having someone I did love walk with me through the hardest times was such a blessing and a gift.  I didn’t always like him, but I was so thankful at the end of the day he was there.    Many times our difficulties glue us together in ways we look back on later and are grateful the glue held us like super glue.

I didn’t mean to give counsel and I am not qualified, but I will always say the word “committed” makes all the difference.  No matter the storm, if you are committed to stay in it together, you will always look back later and be proud you stayed committed!  I am so proud that we did just decide to stay in it!  Oh, what rewards in staying!

My real reason for telling you this is that my husband realized on this 39th year that lace is the traditional gift.  He almost always gives according to the tradition and I am the lucky girl who gets the gift. I wanted to let you know, this top is so pretty and this top is now on sale.  I didn’t tell my husband that piece of info because that is not important to him since I already ownthe top.  Sorry for us, happy for you if you decide this beautiful lace top should be in your closet.  How lucky am I that lace is such an “in look” in fabrics this year!  Click here to purchase the top on sale!

He never disappoints and I don’t think you will be disappointed either.

I have already planned a few outfits with this top and here’s a few I have planned.

  • Pencil skirt
  • White jeans
  • White slacks
  • White capris
  • Jean capris
  • Any bright color capri


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