Reconnect, refresh, and revive

img_0824-1This Friday I leave for Fredericksburg for a weekend connection with high school friends. We had our 40th high school reunion a few years back and it was the moment.

The moment we realized we needed each other in our lives in a whole new way. A few girls and guys came to that reunion that had not been back for a reunion in our 40 years. Some of those who returned were dear friends.  I can tell you it was the best reunion yet. I had been told reunions only gets better each time,which we do every 5 years. I can now attest to this wisdom.  I left a few months after my senior year of high school in 1974 and moved 500 miles away and that is the closest I have lived since then.  I have always looked forward to reunion times and also visits with my family.  These times are precious to me and become more precious each time I return.

The moment we realized it had to go on.  We had a wonderful time but there were  8 of us girls that ran around together all the time and during this reunion we just decided we weren’t going to wait 5 years to get together again. Best decision ever!!!!  We realized we needed each other and had been through situations that only high school friends could understand. Enough history and an admiration for the storms we had weathered, enough laughter over that weekend, enough time apart….and we made the decision to keep the connection and laugh more often.

The moment we realized a squad of friends in your life is a blessing and when those girls have been in your life since 1st grade, there is just no reason to walk away and never have them in your life again.  Literally, some of us have experienced our whole elementary, jr high and high school years together.  Something about that history just makes you feel free to share the rest of your life with them..after all, we have an awful lot on common!  Not a lot of judgement at this time in life because we all have a story!!!  And surprisingly, some of those stories are shockingly similar. We have survived,and we celebrate that ….just that! ❤️❤️❤️

The moment you realize that time is precious, friends are precious, heartaches are real, love and laughter can help, hugs bring real healing, and lifetime friends are a gift you just don’t want to lose…..

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