My favorite…..a sale worth talking about

My husband used to travel quite often in his work and on many occasions,  I was able to go with him.  Many times, depending on where, I would make my arrangements with our sweet “nanny” and look forward to a trip knowing our daughter would be in the sweetest hands.  We were blessed with knowing she was well taken care of and I was blessed to visit many beautiful places, travel with my husband and getting to do some fun shopping while he worked.  Isn’t that the way it works?   He works, I spend and look forward to evenings with him.😉

This started in the early 80’s and continued for many years.  One particular trip I remember well because it was the first time I had shopped at a Chicos boutique.  I can still remember the outfit I found and the jewelry I chose to go with the outfit.  I still have the jewelry and I would most likely still have the outfit but I am sure it wore out.  That says much to me and that’s the kind of shops I love to find and the kind of clothes I am interested in.  I am not sure when Chicos opened their doors but they have been going strong for many years and I have shopped the store often.  Just like any boutique, the management of some stores far exceeds others and it doesn’t take me long to find my favorite shops.  I specifically remember a Chicos in Naples Florida……absolutely beautiful. 

I am telling you this because Chicos is having a great sale right now and I don’t want you to miss out.  I am on a road trip so I am shopping via iPad but I really prefer going into the store.  I am one who thinks a 40% sale is worth talking about and I am one who likes to share good news with my readers.  Also a good time to think of mom.

Chicos has great basics, they have their famous “travelers”, great classic styles, and some really fun jewelry to pull it all together.  I always seem to end up helping someone in the dressing room area while trying on and have as much fun doing that as I do shopping for myself.  I have taken many clients into Chicos and have shopped many Chicos locations with friends.  Sometimes ladies just need an opinion and although I do not give my opinion freely,  I will help when asked.  It seems to help a lot of ladies to just be sure they are going in the right direction when choosing an outfit, especially when it is for an occasion.

BEST. WEEK. EVER……..I agree CHICOS…this sale is worth checking out!  It also ends Sunday.

If you need any advice, give me a shout.  I am just in the next dressing room or right down the road…..❤️❤️❤️

And remember…..have fun!

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