My favorite…..lip primer 

There just comes a time in life when the lips need a little extra help. I, personally, have never had full, beautiful lips. It is probably the one thing I envy on other women. I try very hard to love myself, do my best, and encourage all women to do the same. But….. luscious, beautiful lips stop me in my tracks and I have been known to stare. True confession…

I have tested many, many products over the years to enhance the lip.  Trust me when I say I have searched high and low!!!!   Let’s face it….short of surgical help, nothing is going to give me the lips of a 2 year old or even a 20 year old girl. You know those lips without vertical lines, those lips that have a natural bow tie shape, those lips that have color when you wake up in the morning.  But, we can continue to find products that help us with our individual problems.

This is one of my favs….a lip primer!!!!  I use this under a lip pencil, then apply lipstick or stain. I will be telling of my favorites in those lines in the future. Stay tuned!!

Just like preparing a canvas for a beautiful painting, I believe the lip needs to be primed, flake free, and soft before the lipstick is applied. After all, isn’t that what we are doing when it comes to makeup…. creating a beautiful painting that is flawless.

What I love about this product is the way it helps to keep the lipstick in place. The lipstick stays on longer, and the color does not fade. I think that’s a lot for one little pencil to do. I know girls that don’t have to line the lip, so this and their lipstick is enough. I amone that uses a colored lip pencil also.  s1704550-main-Lhero

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