Why can’t every day be Mothers Day?

You may look at the title of this and think it very selfish….but keep reading, please.  This was a wonderful day for me and I loved every moment of it, but there is more to the story.  I am so thankful to be a mother and I have never taken the title for granted.  I yearned to be a mother long before it happened. Another beautiful story!

I am priveledged to work part time at a small gift shop where I live.  In this shop, lots of women come in and tell us their secrets.  It is part of the job to listen and keep these stories close to our hearts.  In the last few weeks, we have heard many precious stories about moms.  Some stories made us laugh, some brought smiles, some brought tears to our eyes, and every story touched a piece of our heart.  We also concluded moms are a rare breed!  They have done every job imaginable and have, most likely, done it with grace and class.  They have also done it without reservation and without second thought.

My sweet husband took me for a beautiful brunch Sunday morning.  It was a glorious spring day and in my part of the world that is a rare treat this time of year.  Usually, summer has already hit full force (air conditioner included) and the humidity registers higher than the temperature.  But this day was perfect so we had an outdoor brunch.  This meant we lingered longer over our table and just enjoyed watching people…one of our favorite pastimes.  Of course, I am looking at style, children, and families coming and going.  What I observed most of all was the joy on faces.  It was like every family was doing their best to make sure mom was tended and happy.  Dads were doing their best to tend the “littles” and the older children were particularly attentive.  This just made my heart happy.  Many families also included grandparents and that really made my heart leap.  My mother lives 600 miles away so I rarely have a Mother’s Day with her, but I know she has much love surrounding her on this day every year.  A big family has many benefits!

The world just seemed happy this Mother’s Day and I happened to notice.  I hope you had the opportunity to notice the bond that mothers create, just by being and I hope you felt the love.  I know Mother’s Day can bring sadness also and those stories are not forgotten.  But this day I just wanted to celebrate the joy and be grateful for all this beautiful holiday can give.

I also love the fact that I got to dress up and feel like a queen for the day.  My heart is full…

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