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There have been defining moments in the decision I made concerning my career choice at this time in my life.  I have shared some parts of this decision and I am convinced that the path is right for me.  When it came to blogging I was quite hesitant.  My daughter has such faith in me and, of course, she is in the generation of social media.  I am still somewhat unsure that the world really cares what hair products I love and what I use for my nighttime moisturizer.  Then I go forward with a post that I get questioned about and the results are amazing.  I have come to look at this in a whole new light.  Just like browsing through magazines, catalogues, and listening to other women our age and asking questions, we all look somewhere for advice and gain knowledge from someone we admire.

The very week I made the final decision about blogging, I had five texts from friends or acquaintances asking about products, if I used the particular product, or what I was using.  To me at this particular time, five people looking to me for advice was significant.  I had told no one about the idea of blogging and I felt quite sure the path was being shown to me.  Sometimes we just have to be quiet, listen, and observe what is being aligned.  Sometimes, the questions no one even knows we are asking get answered quite clearly.  I never think of this as coincidental and I trust my gut.

I have already been overwhelmed with the response to my blog and I take the responsibility to you, my readers, quite seriously.  There is a constant process going on in my brain and a continual desire to be original, knowledgeable, and thorough in my posting.  It has been fun, exciting and challenging.  Stepping out of my comfort zone has been both scary and rewarding.  I hope it is keeping me energized, interesting, and ever changing.    I know I will look back years from now and I want to be able to say I did the best I was able to do.  I find this to be my personal commitment and challenge.  I also look forward to the creative part of getting the blog written in an understandable and unique way to my readers.

Making a definite decision to do something you are passionate about is exciting, challenging, and rewarding.  Personally, I believe there has to be a passion that precedes the job.  I believe Coco knew fully how to be an original and I have no doubt the world is still trying their best to copy her style.  Making the decision to be an original takes time, take courage, and takes the realization of knowing your own self and your own style.  It takes boldness to own your style and not try to fit an image someone else has.  I continually tell women they do have a unique style!  Helping women discover their style is such fun for me.    It is truly the most rewarding part of my job.  When a woman steps into her own, original style, she begins to accept nothing less and she understands she has a style that is original and cannot be duplicated….but it will be copied over and over…..

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