Chalk it up to youth…

I must admit right off, I would like to think that age does bring some wisdom.  It is one of the rewards we can claim as we watch the years add up.  I consider I have gained much wisdom and would always be willing to pass that wisdom on.  However, I also try to remember that in my youth I discounted much of the wisdom I was receiving from the older, wiser generation, including my own mother.  So, I am aware some of my advice falls on deaf ears.  That’s ok too!  I have learned many lessons and most of us choose to learn our own lessons. Life is funny that way.

One of the areas I consider I was not so wise in was sun worship.  Yes, I was in the baby oil and mercurochrome slathering age.  We would grease ourselves up and lay for hours in the beautiful, hot, sun.  It was our summertime joy along with the smell of chlorine at the city pool. So many great memories and the smell still can catch me offgaurd and take me back to the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.  Nothing like summertime friends, zero responsibility, the pool, and a beach towel.  I could go for a few summer weeks like that now!  How about you?

I am now in the time of life where I am looking for products that help with sun spots and the wrinkles some would say are a result of my summertime fun.  I would prefer to call them laugh lines and character lines!!!  Lucky for the makeup industry, we are continually on the search for one product or another to help with problems we consider ourselves as having.

This time of year, I must admit, I still like to look like I have been kissed, ever so slightly, by the sun and I love the look of bronzed skin still.  I also still love to stroll the beach, pick up beach glass and hunt the perfect shell.  So, again, I am always looking for products to help while in the sun or to look like I have been in the sun.  One of my favorites is this Bobbi Brown bronzer.  It is very easy to apply with the beautiful brush and comes in several colors.   A little goes a long way and the brush helps so much with the application.  Some products just go together and I would not suggest buying one without the other. The brush is an investment that will last many years if taken care of.  A good sales person will also help instruct in the application if you have never used a bronzer before.  It takes a little time and practice but I think you will be happy with the results if you have been sold the right color for your skin along with a little instruction.

There are many bronzes on the market and many colors to choose from.  But for me, Bobbi Brown did it once again.  Now I can have the look of “sun worshipper”  without doing more damage to the skin.  A small price to pay for a feeling of sunny days ahead….



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