My new favorite……earring

I was scrolling through Facebook recently and an advertisement caught my attention.  I am sure what caught my eye was the beautiful floral circle.  I clicked, found their page and was immediately intrigued.  The company is called Nickel and Suede.  Their story is wonderful and I love this type of company.  Family owned, start small, and build.  A discovery made and a company birthed because of a need.  The American dream!!!

I was visiting my daughter last week and told her about the company and ask her if she was familiar with the name.  She lived in Kansas City for several years.  We realized  she had left Kansas City before the company actually started.   She did, however, say the company sounded familiar and looked it up.  She remembered however, that last year a friend of hers from Kansas City sent her a pair of earring from the company.  I recalled this because I was with my daughter when she got the earrings in the mail.  We both loved them!!!!  I also informed my daughter I had ordered a pair of the earrings and could not wait for them to arrive.  We both were surprised with the coincidence of all this.  My daughter assured me I would love the earrings because she loves hers.  She also let me know that if I didn’t like them, she would gladly take them for my hands….or ears.😉

I returned home Friday evening and to my joy, the little padded envelope was sitting on our dining table.  Don’t you just love those boxes and envelopes that arrive in the mail?  It usually doesn’t matter what is inside as long as my name is on it.😉  I did wait until Saturday morning to open my box and was elated with my purchase.  I immediately put one earring in and ran to the mirror.  I loved my new earrings.  It was so lightweight and the color was exactly what I needed.  I chose the gala gold earring and it is the perfect gold when you want an almost antique color.  Not bright, not yellow….just perfect for many outfits!  I also must confess, several hours went by and I looked in the mirror and found I still had my one new earring on.  It is that lightweight and easy, even though the earring is pretty large.   I love this about the earrings most of all.  I chose the largest size because I do love big earrings and yet, I totally forgot the earring was in my ear.  Win, win!!!  No more tugging on the ear! 

I also found out the owner of this company is a blogger and I immediately found her on my blog site.  The name of her blog is one little momma and I immediately started reading.  Just love everything about this company, the owners, and most of all the earrings.  I hope I always remember to wear both.😉

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