Adventure awaits…

I live with a very adventurous man!  I am not sure this was something I thought would matter years ago when we married, but for me, it is important!  He keeps our lives fun and interesting, and I delight in this.  I was informed last week, we would be leaving on a “spit trip” Saturday.  If you have never been on a spit trip, you have not lived yet!  

Years ago, JB taught me what a spit trip was and our daughter and I have lived some great adventures.  He explained to us a spit trip is taken when you get in the car, start moving in a general direction you may have already decided upon and then as you get to intersections, you spit in your palm, clap your hands together, and watch which way the spit flies, and travel forward in that direction.  I know……it’s a mans world kind of plan, but I am always up for the fun!  We were always amazed that reservations were already booked at hotels and the finest restaurants had our names on the card. 

He gave me just enough info this weekend so I knew how to pack and for how many nights we would be away.  We headed east and continued east until we arrived in Lafayette,  LA.  I knew our weekend would involve some good food and good music!  We immediately went to one of our favorite spots and indulged in a shrimp poboy.  Crusty bread, lots of fresh shrimp and a slight sauce because it hardly calls for it.  This shrimp is perfectly seasoned, extremely fresh and fried just right. Add a few tomato slices and plenty of shredded lettuce and you have the perfect poboy for a Saturday feast.  All wrapped up in white waxed paper. You could pick up a few grocery items, if needed!

We have found a hotel we love in Lafayette and after a trip to Starbucks down the street from our hotel, we went to our home away from home. 

Sunday started the adventure again and further east we traveled to Rip Van Winkles gardens in New Iberia, LA.  I love and appreciate beautiful gardens and enjoy the beauty of different foliages of our world.  The oaks, draped ever so magnificently in moss, were like none I have ever seen.  The food we then ate at Cafe Jefferson was beyond description. The smell of yeast rolls as we walked into the dining room was enough to confuse all the other senses.  Remoulade sauce , etouffe, and  seafood gumbo made this dining experience worth talking about.  Every detail for serving and plating the food was taken. Dining on Lake Peigneur was a memorable experience.  The beauty we discovered here is indescribable.  I also noted to my husband that everyone was dressed and seemingly enjoying the dining experience. We love to dine and it truly seems to be a forgotten experience. We experienced true Cajun dining  and a time to appreciate the food and the beauty of this region.  The culture is rich and the creative kitchen work is masterful. Every seat provided a stunning view of the lake and oak trees that is breathtaking.  The atmosphere was relaxed and no one was in a rush to leave their dining table. It felt like days gone by.  

I have always wanted to go to Avery Island and this is where our adventure sent us next.  Avery Island is where the famous Tabasco sauce is made.  You can sample products and see all the new sauces being discovered from the famous Tabasco pepper.  Tours of the plant go on during the week and you can view the whole bottling process.  This weekend was one for the books and I just cannot believe the clothes I chose suited the trip so well. I was so excited to have gotten my new slip dress in the mail last week so I chose it for the sheer delight of having somewhere to wear it right away.  I have been looking for a new slip dress for some time and love the fabric this one is made from. It traveled quite well!  The fabric is thick enough and the fit is quite nice. I also always love a good summer hat and this one came in handy while touring the gardens. While I am crazy about all things Texas, I love the history and I cannot lie, the food of Louisiana. My navigator hit a home run this weekend and our longhorns put on a great show too!  See you at the regionals!!!!

Dress by Everlane

Hat by Haberdashery in Austin, TX

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