And just like that…..summer

We have had a wonderful, long spring and that is unusual in my part of the state.  I did my best to enjoy every moment because I knew one day it would end and it would be quite some time before there was a chill in the air again.

So, when summer begins in my part of the state, that means when I go walking at 6:45am, it might just be 70*,  and the humidity will be higher numbers than the temperature.  That’s why I truly try to enjoy the gift of 60* mornings in May!

You can believe I am always on the hunt for great, fun, cool, walking gear. No apologies either, you will find me at the park in shorts, tanks, and a baseball cap!  I love my time at the park and have been called “the fanatical walker” at times.  I have walked for many years and find much delight in pounding out my stresses as I walk.  I definetely enjoy the time and I believe in sweating out the toxins.  Life just calls for exercise, I believe.  I also love listening to the birds, the sounds of water rushing in the creek, and I enjoy watching the seasons come and go. Also have a nice group of walking friends that look out for each other.  We are blessed with a beautiful city park with a great walking track.

It’s always more fun with the right clothes and I just wanted to share these shorts with you. There are several colors and the fit is true. I have several pair and really love the fabric.  We have come a long way when it comes to fabric, pockets, and fit!!!  I love the wide waistband  and the never end drawstring on the inside.  Even though I am dripping wet when I finish walking, the shorts don’t show it!  Another selling point!!!  They are from Athleta which happens to be one of my favorite stores.  Along with exercise gear, they have many fun, casual clothes. I love a lot of their dresses and I wrote about their cargo pants earlier. (See post from March 14) These shorts are made from the same fabric and I don’t believe you will be disappointed.

If you are on the hunt for a good walking short, I highly recommend looking into this style.  I don’t believe you will feel you have invested too much for them as they will last several years.  See you at the park on sandy creek….img_3283

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