My favorite…..lip stain 

Sometimes you stumble upon a product and cannot believe your good fortune. I must admit, when it comes to beauty products, I listen to the product experts, read and research items and reviews, and take advice from other bloggers and my daughter.  But I love going to Sephora and can easily pass a few hours looking at products and trying products.

img_3293As far as I am concerned Sephora has marketed themselves right to the top of the makeup industry line.  What brilliance in their marketing of products and their return policy.  No worries if you change your mind or find out 3 weeks later the product is breaking you out or you just decide it’s not working for you.  Good work Sephora!!!!  And how brilliant…the store has mirrors, makeup remover,  tools for application, and Kleenex stations right at your fingertip.  This is so convenient for testing products right in the store. A hands on concept.  And no, I am not getting paid to say this; I just absolutely love Sephora.

When I walked into the store in Austin probably 2 years ago, a new line was set up right in the front of the store. The line is called Becca. Of course, the marketing was beautiful and so was the model on their packaging.  I immediately stopped and started playing with the products.  The line has a lot of the light reflective quality that I love.  All products have a fresh, youthful, dewy look which is great this time of year.  A look that keeps a youthful glow, no matter your age.

I have several products in this line I love, but today I am raving about the beach tint stain I use on my lips every day.  I always use a lip pencil for definition and usually use lipstick too.  The stain then goes on top. Sometimes I use just the lip pencil and stain.  I absolutely love them.  The stain turns to a matte look but goes on very easily and then sets.  It doesn’t feel dry, but it does turn matte.  The stain does not get “gunky” or feel dry.  Excuse the word description, but I know we all know what I mean by this description because we have all had those products!  I cannot tell you how much  I love these tints.  Maybe telling you I have 4 different tints tells more.  Maybe telling you I will most likely get other tints tells you more.  Maybe telling you I have them at home and in my purse at all times tells you more.  Maybe telling you I usually do not reapply all day tells you more.  And maybe raving, most of all, because the stain does not leave my lip and travel toward my nose tells you my number one reason these tints will always have a place in my cosmetic bag and drawer.  If I want a shimmer, I just add a small amount of gloss to my bottom lip.  I must tell you, these can be used on the cheek also.  I love the colors guava, watermelon, papaya, and grapefruit.

When I find a product that hits a homerun, I just love to share.  I get asked about my lipstick often. I think it is mostly because it stays on!  These are really great little tubes of magic and I am so excited to share my find.

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