My favorite…..feeding the Soul

I live very close to the coast. In an hour and a half I can be walking a beach and hearing the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline.  This is exactly what I did this past weekend. 

My husband knows I love the hunt for beach glass and could walk many miles as I search for “just one more piece” of tumbled glass.  He usually monitors my distance because he knows I have to walk back just as far as I have walked, without an idea of my distance.  He also knows I love to eat fresh seafood and he knows the perfect places to find the freshest shrimp and the most delicate crab.  He knows what helps me relax and unwind.  Guess you could say, he knows me well!!!  Even if I only get a few hours or days, I can be transformed by walking and listening to the quiet.  My soul does truly feel refreshed and renewed after even one beautiful day.

While I would say the mountains would always be my first choice for vacationing, I do love a beach trip.  We have visited many beautiful beaches and had some wonderful vacations with family at the beach.  I have witnessed many magnificent sunsets.  The beach has its own tranquillity and I love the fact I allow myself  “do nothing” time.  The beach just calls for that.  A good book will always be packed and a fun hat will also, always, be in my bag.  You know I have to talk fashion just a bit.  Trust me when I say, fashion is always a consideration wherever I roam.  I cannot help it…’s just part of me and I own it.   As a matter of fact, we had probably gone 40 miles down the highway and I suddenly realized I had forgotten my hang up clothes.   I packed a fun little beach dress for dinner and also packed a long sleeved cover up for when I knew I had enough sun while walking the beach.  I told my husband and he promptly turned the vehicle around while I protested.  I told him I would be fine in my little shorts and hat.  He knows me well and knew how sad I would be to not be dresssed the way I planned, so, back we came to the house and I got my clothes.  I am happy to say I loved having all these necessities with me!!!  Oh, I am one lucky girl and yes, I know it!!!  

I am not sure what the sounds of the ocean do, but it is truly a sound like no other.  It can bring a calm like nothing else.  I love to sit in a chair as the sun goes down and just listen.   JB and I love the beach in the winter and somehow find comfort in the loneliness the winter beach presents.  It is probably our favorite time to be at the beach and my favorite attire would be a sweatshirt or a loose fitting sweater because it is just cold enough to grab one.  I will always have an outfit plan.  😉  We can sit for many hours in the dark, without speaking and feel very connected.  I guess you might say we are soul mates. 

If you find yourself close to a beach this summer, allow your soul a little quiet time and embrace the silence.  Gift yourself some “doing nothing” time and rest.  If you find some beautiful beach glass, let me know…I keep mine in beautiful crystal decanters and unusual containers.  

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