My favorite…..sunscreen 

I walk every morning during the week, weather permitting, and I wear sunscreen every day while walking.  Although I walk before the sun is very bright, or sometimes even up, I still add the sunscreen.  This week started out very well, but rain has been a problem for a couple of days.  I just consider these days a rest I must need and look forward to the next time!  A refresher for the soul!

Last year Sephora had a kit containing probably 12-15 products all relating to sun. Most were sunscreens and some were “after sun” products meant to correct a problem the sun had already caused.  I was so excited to try them all and make some choices. I cannot lie, some were fabulous and some I tossed after one use. 
I must explain myself a bit. 

When I am walking and it is May-October, I am going to sweat.  Also, I don’t stroll. I am about the business of burning calories, strengthening my heart, and I don’t play around.  This being said, I don’t want the product running down my face in a colored stream.  I don’t want to feel like I have sealed my skin so tightly it cannot breathe, and I need the product to go on quickly and do the job it states it will do.  This all being said, I am one tough customer and I know it.  I take many things into consideration when I am telling other women about products I love too.  I want to be honest and I want to tell you why I do or don’t love a product.  I know we all like different things, but I also believe we all love or hate the same qualities in most products.  While our skin types may be different, some things matter to all of us. 

This being said, the products I chose are quite good.  I squeezed every drop out of the tubes and wore them each day as I “glowed” during my 3 mile walk.  I had no break out and I didn’t feel like the product melted off my face.   As for my vote….the Supergoop will be and is my number one choice.  Dr. Gross product does have a higher SPF and is really good too.  I just like the feel better of the Supergoop.  Both can be found at Sephora.

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