A Little Tweek…

Have you ever had someone come into your closet, perhaps to borrow something, then choose a piece of jewelry you have, put the 2 together and walk out looking amazing?   You are standing there staring, thinking “why didn’t I see that” or “I love that, I will do that next time.”   It can also happen looking on Pinterest, scanning a magazine, or seeing another lady walking down the street.  I have said this before, we get ideas from many places.  This is exactly the plan of all marketing, right?

I have also stated that when we take note of what gets our attention, we start discovering our own, personal style.  We will see an emerging style, our favorite colors, and patterns that call to us.  Once that style has been discovered, fewer and fewer buying mistakes occur.  

I also want to tell you, this is my objective when working with a client.  I encourage her comments, her ideas, and her questions.   I listen and I can sense, very quickly, the needs and the fears a client has.  I can also sense, very quickly, her emerging style.  

This summer would be a great time to get some closet work done!  It would be a great summer to finally clear out the mistakes from long ago.  It would be a great summer to discover your style.  It would be a great summer to spend no more money on things you now own and don’t know what to do with.   It is a great summer to pull some outfits together you never dreamed were hanging there,  without spending a dime in the store.  It would be a fun summer to spend time in the closet playing dress up because we should never grow too old!  It would be fun to hang out with a new friend and discover clothes that have been waiting to be accessorized and turned into a totally new, updated look.  It could even be a summer to shop for new additions to the closet.  Sometimes, one piece can transform a whole wardrobe.  What accessory are you dreaming of?  Do you just need encouragement to try a new style of pants?  A little nudge to go ahead with that new style?

Summer is a great time to spend in the closet because it is getting way to hot to want to be in the garden or the flower beds.  By the time July gets here, I see much less of the outdoors and if I am not in a closet, I will probably be found with a glass of minted iced tea and a book in my hand.  

Give me a call and let’s get that closet cleaned and play dress up for awhile.  We can still be little girls and play in the makeup and jewelry as long as we like.  It won’t seem like a daunting task when we do it together.  When summer ends, we will have accomplished a job you never wanted to do!  We can laugh, share a few secrets, and plan a party for the new outfit we discovered.   That’s what I call summer fun!  

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