My favorite….  layering

I get asked often about layering jewelry.  I can remember 25 years back when I was layering bracelets because I just liked wearing more than one bracelet!  I think it is more a personality thing for me.  I like dramatic looks when it comes to jewelry and to me, adding more is just my style.  Remember, we all have an individual style!

Now layering is such a common look and many women are embracing the style.  Wearing one bracelet is fine, but for many, the look of more is catching on.

To me, there is no rule of thumb, it’s just what I like.  I do think it is important that the colors are either the same, or blend together well.  I also like the same  stone, except in the instance of torquoise.  I love to mix coral with torquoise.  Now, there is a great trend with leather going on.  So you may be seeing lots of torquoise with leather tassels, leather clasps, and knotted leather strands and fringe.  Fun look, for sure.  Then some pieces are designed for you….a knotted glass coral colored necklace is shown here.  Many times you will see layers of pearls on one strand also.   Always one of my favorite looks.

 I continually say, there is no reason to embrace something we don’t feel comfortable with or like.  If it’s not you, that ok too!  There are time I am asked about certain looks I am known for, so I will share my thoughts.  The best part about fashion is that once we embrace our style, we are comfortable and confident in our look.  That is the most beautiful look on any lady.

I have always loved jewelry.  I love many styles of jewelry!  I have collected jewelry from many places and many pieces have a story.  I love taking a classic look in clothes and making my look come alive and individual with my own version of jewelry.   Remember, outfits can be transformed into a whole different look with a change of jewelry.  Nothing is more beautiful on a black cocktail dress than pearls, but suddenly summer is here and that torquoise is just waiting to show up on the same black.  

Whoever thinks dressing is boring raise your hand.   Let’s take a look in your jewelry cabinet and play awhile….it will be so fun!!!

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