My favorite…..accessories

I hope you noticed I said accessories, not accessory.  If I had to choose one accessory, I would just have to say ” I am out” because it would not be possible for me.  I think if anyone would describe my style of dressing, they might say “accessorized”. 

It is really hard for me to put on a pair of pants, a top, and think…DONE.  I would say the same thing about putting on a dress, and even work out clothes .  If I think I may have to run an errand after yoga class or my walk in the park, I will be grabbing a vinyasa scarf!  

I have said it is hard to think even jewelry in the summertime in my part of the state of Texas.  It is considerably hot and the look for dressing is minimal and fabrics chosen that are as lightweight as you can find.  Think cottons, linens, and absorbent.  But all that being said, I will still find a way to perfect a summer look.  I will find one tasseled necklace in a beautiful tropical color or the perfect gauze scarf.

That being said, I had to talk about my great find this past weekend…you guessed it!  A perfect, lightweight, white, gauze, tasseled scarf.  Could I have just described a more perfect accessory!  I almost did a backflip in the store, but I was concerned they might invite me to leave the shop.  Also of concern, other shoppers would run and tackle me for this last white scarf since I had found the perfect summer accessory.  On sale, I might add. 

To me, a scarf could just be the perfect summer accessory.  It is my fun extra piece, it is my wrap when I go into a restaurant that is pumping the cool air because of the humidity, it is my swimsuit coverup, it could even be my seat if I decide on an impromptu picnic.  I love to throw a scarf across my bed to have a fun, accessorized bed too.  

I can hardly wait to see what all I can accessorize with this beauty and I can tell you, I will let you in on my secrets…

I also wanted you to see just how sheer this fabric is….oh, what a beautiful scarf!

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