Anniversary Sale….

Sometimes we just need to share the love, share the good news, and share the finds. #NSale

This week, the Nordstrom anniversary sale starts. It starts this week if you are a card holder, but next week if you are not.  It is a really great sale because it isn’t the summer products the store is trying to get rid of before they start stocking the fall and winter merchandise. No, this is the fall clothes, shoes, and beauty products we will want to have in our closet when the first hint of fall air blows in.  #NSale

The leather, the new booties, the new fall bag, and the workout clothes that need to be replaced.  It’s our first glimpse of what’s new and it’s on sale!!!  And the sale isn’t just pennies….#NSale

My favorite part of shopping Nordstrom is the ease of free shipping and free returns.  It is truly some of the simplest shopping out there. That is a huge plus for someone who lives in a very rural area of the state.  It is a huge plus for those that don’t care about the trip, don’t care about having to find parking places, and it is a plus if you like to shop in your pajamas at the hour you decide.  What doesn’t work is packed right back up and taken to the post office with extreme ease.  This is the bonus I need.  Well, I don’t know if I need a bonus when it comes to Nordstrom shopping but it is certainly a perk I love. Makes me think Nordstrom first, I can assure you!  #NSale

One way I have decided to beat the heat is to stay inside tomorrow with a nice glass of minted tea and do some preshopping.  I will dream about the places I will roam in new booties and a new suede hat. I will indulge in new work out gear and I just might consider a new beauty product.  What’s on your list for fall?  #NSale

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