Lazy crazy days…

Wow….here it is mid July and it seems to me, the summer has flown by.  In my part of the world, regardless of the fact July is almost over, there is much summer left.  Actually, until October, we will deal with many, many more hot days. 

How then, do we continue to enjoy our summer clothes and not get extremely bored with the clothes in our closet?  How do we avoid buying unnecessary items we will wonder why we bought when, in another month, we would really rather be shopping for those cute new booties?    Maybe you have asked these questions.  The clothes you loved in April are becoming a little less exciting when you look in the mirror.  This is something I deal with when talking to clients all the time.  I thought I would give a few suggestions that could help you have fun getting dressed in these lazy, dog days of summer.  Just a little summer fun from the closet.  A smile to the face on these hot summer days.  Like snow cones in July!

First of all, I think we should have fun when we dress.  Instead of just thinking shirt, pants, and shoes, how about thinking accessory first?  Perhaps you did get a new spring beach bag.  Maybe it’s time to dress around that new silver beach tote.  Yes!  Bring out that beach tote and decide which summer dress would be fun to wear with your bag.  How about tying a fun scarf around the handle of the tote and enjoy the new look.  Perhaps it could lift your spirits, even if you don’t get to go to the beach.  Take the sun screen out, and enjoy your new summer tote.  I have a straw one that I love to carry.  It even says beach on it.

How about that new straw hat you finally decided to buy?   You know you love wearing it!!!  What could be more fun than lunch out with your girls and your summer hat.  Something about putting on a hat makes me just feel different.  Same white shorts, same fun top, but the hat just changed the look and my attitude about the heat!  I am also loving the head wraps and head scarves this summer.  Such a fun, chic look and another way to disguise a day you just don’t want to worry with the hair.  A great look for the beach hair too.

Look in that jewelry cabinet…..nothing more fun than stepping outside the box and wearing that torquoise necklace with your shorts instead of the dress you always put it with.  Now what about the pearls you wear only on Sunday to church.  How fun will they be to wear on your lunch date with your daughter to the fun new bistro.  Go ahead, wrap another strand around your wrist.   Why not dress up that white T with pearls…..who says we can’t?  Why not celebrate a Tuesday coffee with your husband wearing that fun straw hat again with your summer floral dress.  Why can’t he see you in a dress for coffee?  Speaking of white T…how about slipping it over that spaghetti strap dress and creating a whole new look.  Maybe even a belt?  Give it a try, you might just love it!

My white converse have been my favorite shoe this summer.  Instead of sandals, I have donned the converse with my short and maxi dresses this year.  Talk about comfort and yes, different for me.  It has been a fun change.

Now, come August how fun will it be to get out the booties or go ahead and buy the new ones you have been drooling over for fall.  Maybe you struck it lucky and got them on the Nordstrom sale.  What a fun look they are with shorts.  Also a fun look with the little dresses you have worn with your sandals all summer.  Booties can totally create a new look and you are still wearing that same great dress.  Others might not think so, but we know!

These are just a few ways to be creative with the summer heat and enjoy the clothes in your closet.  Also just a little adventure into something, perhaps, new for you.   It is also why I stress buying clothes you love.  By changing a few accessories, you can continue to wear clothes you love, but don’t have to feel ho hum during the final countdown of summer. 

Have fun and step out!!!

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