Sometimes we have to roll with it….

Wow!!!!   What a week it has been. Had a beautiful post ready except for the last bit of editing and arranging pics from my final shopping  the Nordstrom sale, 2017.  I knew everyone was pretty ready for us bloggers to stop with the Nordstrom sale, but I seriously think this was one for the books. Great sale and great job Nordstrom for keeping things restocked and great customer service when computer problems arose!  Seriously, the best customer service, in my opinion, out there!!!!  And in this day and time, it is what I believe will be the secret to keeping customers.  Bring back the days of customer service run by caring, concerned service people that love their job!!!!

Well, anyway…..  all this  to say, our computer service in my part of the state and about a 150 mile radius, I was told, has been down 2 days. Now that I write that, it doesn’t seem like much, but try running a  business, shop, watch tv, or even make a phone call to schedule an appointment with a doctors office. Uh, huh….. not fun and a very long 2 days. So…. no viewing of some of my favorites from the sale.

I will tell you, the sale lasts through this Sunday, August 6, then it is over and prices go back up. Hope you find all you wanted to have a great fall season of dressing or Christmas gifts to please everyone on your list.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of a day trip with my husband.  One of those unplanned trips that end up making for the best of days. We sat at lunch with absolutely no distractions, no electronics, and looked across the table from each other for 2 hours. Then a trip to Starbucks came into the  picture, followed by the movie Dunkirk.  We have been trying to fit this movie in for quite some time and it finally happened. Once again….. great movie and time to reflect on our freedoms and the price paid by very young men for all we enjoy.

Sometimes, it is really about stopping to unplug, even if we have no choice when that happens. Have a nice lunch, talk, look into the eyes of your best friend, and feel the joy that comes in the moment.  That is how I spent my Thursday. What better way to spend an August day, I ask!

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