My Friday Favorite….Barefoot Dreams 

Sunday, August 6, the anniversary sale of Nordstrom will be over.  Some of you may be saying, “thank goodness, I am tired of hearing about it!”  But it has been a great sale and I hope you took advantage if you had a need for your closet or your home.  Also, I tried to keep the holiday season in mind.

One of the favorite things I love in my closet is my Barefoot Dreams robe.   Also, I have this sweater that I wear during the cooler weather of East Texas.


I was introduced to this line during a shopping trip to the nutcracker market in Houston.  This event is put on by the Houston Ballet and is a wondrous event every November. Such a fun time and the best of the best when it comes to unusual and never seen before gift items.

I noticed during my scanning of the anniversary sale, Barefoot Dreams now has a throw.  What????!!!


I had never seen these before!!! It may have been around awhile, but I had not ever cuddled up in one of these blankets.  I was impressed with the sale price too.  I know for a fact these items wash beautifully and I cannot even imagine how fabulous it will be to wrap up on my couch with this throw and my kindle on a rainy, winter, day.  A nice glowing fire would just top it off.  

softest throwI think I am dreaming of cooler days.  I may have to hide this throw from my husband because he has decided a throw is a fun thing to drape across his legs during the winter months and also during his nap times all year.  Maybe I will just get him his own Barefoot Dreams throw……hmmmmmm.  Nice gift idea 💡 
This company really does great work and I love every item I find in their line….no kidding.  They market their products beautifully and their baby line is wonderful too…..

If you haven’t spent all the money you wanted to at the Nordstrom sale….you have the day to knock out the wishes and needs…….

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