It just happened….

We often look back on something in our lives and realize how perfectly it worked out.   Sometimes it is just a serendipitous experience or a very strategic plan.  Either way, when it works, it is a wonderful gift.

This is how my business started, and I consider every client a gift.  I love every experience I get to have with each client that has come into my life.  It wasn’t a planned part of the job, but from the very first closet I walked into, I asked my client what her favorite thing in her closet was.  She looked at me somewhat frightened and I assured her there was no right or wrong answer.  After a few moments of pondering this question, she had a very direct answer.  Then she proceeded to talk about said item and in a very short period of time, I knew a lot more about my new client than I would have any other way.  I had not planned this as a part of my strategic work plan, but I certainly incorporated it from that moment on.  As I stated to her, there is no right or wrong answer, but knowing, or not knowing this bit of information is important to me.  I get a glimpse into my client that would come no other way.

Sometimes it is easy to talk to people, sometimes, it is not.  When I am in someone’s closet, I realize it can be a little intimidating for them.   I consider that many people feel immediately judged and that is not my job.  Starting the job by asking a particular question can break the ice and get us a little better acquainted.  I assure clients I am there to do a job, but it is somewhat hard for most ladies to relax and have fun.  Some clients do not care if I judge them or not!  They are just desperate for help and any way they can get help is the bottom line.  Some clients are unsure if they really need me or not.  Then I feel it is my job to assure her, only by my talents and skills.  Then there is the client that just wants to have fun, wants a fresh outlook in dressing and is ready for a new style.  Many times this client loves dressing, she just desires an updated, different idea.  Many times, she is the client who just doesn’t have the time or desire to do the looking and shopping.  Wow….do we ever have fun.

When I ask the question, “what is your favorite thing in your closet”,  I am not looking for a particular answer, but I love to hear the different answers.  Sometimes it is a clothing item, sometimes it’s a pair of shoes, and other times, it is a piece of jewelry the client fell in love with but now doesn’t know what to do with it.  What fun it is to help my client find a totally new way to wear their “favorite thing” or style it for a whole new, out of the box, look.

This is why I am passionate about my work and why I love to sit in your closet and talk.  ❤️  Let’s plan to chat about your wardrobe woes and your favorite thing!  I think the name of my business says it all…PS…just for you!

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