Could you……

I have been pondering a question for some time now and decided to take  it to social media and my friends who follow me on WordPress, Instagram or Facebook.

The question is……. could you feel as good about yourself if you were required to go public without any makeup?  I am talking no makeup whatsoever. I will give you your moisturizer, with SPF, of course, but that is it!!!!  No gloss on the lips, no eyebrow pencil, no blush.

Oh…. you can get dressed, bring out the heels, get that hair just right, just no to the makeup.  No to the bronzer that gives you the sun, no to the lipstick that brightens your teeth, no to the shadow that makes your eye color pop, and no to the mascara that magically brings out the lashes.

I have always been a makeup lover, but I have never been a makeup horder.  I don’t like clutter and I don’t like half empty products, so that has never been a problem for me.  I do like experimenting with different products and am always looking for better.  Sometimes, the skin needs change and sometimes, I need different products because of the season.  Example….I live in a very hot, humid part of Texas so my needs in the summer are very different from what I bump up to in the winter time.  Even then, I don’t need what my sisters in the colder climates need, those sisters that actually get to walk in the snow.

As time has gone on, I also just feel better when I take the time to put on a little something every day.  It may be tinted moisturizer and lip stain, but it just makes me happier when I look in the mirror.  I used to go public with no makeup and still do at times, but that is usually after workouts, or a quick Saturday morning run to the grocery store.

For me, it is all about how something makes me feel about myself.  I always want to feel good about my accomplishments, my attitude toward others, my attitude towards myself, and my true, authentic self.  Most of the time that has nothing to do with makeup.  I have noticed, it usually has more to do with how I have treated my body with diet, exercise, and showing up every day in whatever realm is required of me on that given day.  For me, again, that usually requires dressing the part.  If I feel good about my choice of clothing, presentation of myself in my choices of makeup, hair status, and my general appearance, I usually can say I do a better job at whatever it is I am doing.

Some days, we just are in a slump.  I understand that.  Some days, we haven’t had the rest we need or find out a few days later, we are coming down with a cold.  But, when we have the opportunity to get up, dress up, and show up, if we put that best foot forward, we usually feel better at the end of the day.  When everything in our closet and makeup drawer is something we love, the choices are so much easier.

My thoughts on this dog day of summer….I am needing all the help I can get!  How do you feel about your makeup routine on a daily basis?  What are you “go to” products that make you happy to show up and, all in all, feel better daily?

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