My Friday Favorite…..a new hemline

Don’t worry mother……I am not taking my dress hem up another inch.  Guess a few more of you have memories of that battle back in the day….ha!  I really did live in the time of micro minis and I did have battles with my mother, always wanting a shorter length on my dresses and skirts.   I hadn’t thought of that in years, but as I started typing, that vision fell into my brain.  Kind of dangerous mind I have at times.😏.  I guess you could say, off the cuff!

My real topic today is hemlines on jeans.  How much fun are we having, expressing ourselves in our jeans now.   Wow!!  We have raw, slant, decorated, embellished, ruffled, distressed, and I guess anything else you desire to do.  The fun I have had with all these different styles is updating a few of my own jeans.  I have been very happy with a rolled cuff style because I am a little on the shorter side.  I usually have to have my jeans hemmed upon purchase.  This always takes time and I am usually excited to wear the new jean.  So, when I can just roll a cuff and go, I am one happy girl!  Guess what!!!!   I have taken a few pair of these rolled jeans and had some fun with a pair of scissors.  My own designs, my new jeans!!!!!!  It is a really easy way to have a new pair of updated jeans without spending a penny.

This, too, is one of my favorite things to do with clients.  Get a little creative, step out of our usual box and try something a little different.  Have fun dressing, and get excited to experience something a little unusual or different for you.  Get your creative juices flowing and have some fun.

Truly, style changes so fast, and sometimes I am just not ready to toss the jeans I payed hard-earned money for and still love, just in order to have the latest style.  This is also one way I have found to update a few pair I have, perhaps, decided I am a little tired of.  Transform the hem, and transform my attitude toward the jeans.   This weekend might be a fun time to try on your jeans and deciding if this is the time to change your hem look.  Have fun! 💖

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