My Friday favorite….booties and shorts

I mentioned the dog days of summer in my last blog post and are we ever in them!!!  I am so looking forward to cooler days but I know I have a couple of months to go in my corner of the state before some real fall changes come about.  Our summers stretch out and really take more than their share of the calendar, as far as I am concerned.  So….my solution to this….you guessed!  Half way dress summer, half way dress for fall and enjoy the changes in my look.

I know I am not the inventor of this look, but I sure like creating the changes, one bootie at a time.  I got a couple of pair of booties during the Nordstrom sale, so I was ready to play in my closet and create a few new looks!


a statement necklace always dresses up a look



love a loose weave sweater right now








This was my first bootie while shopping the Nordstrom sale and I immediately placed it in my cart.  I realized I did not have an open toe bootie in black and this one by Vince Camutto was everything I wanted in suede leather.  This is a brand I always go to and the comfort is there once again.    I liked the heel and the boot just had a look.   When I got the booties in the mail, I was really happy with the way they looked on my leg…somehow, they elongated my leg and I always like that!  This is one way to usher in the cooler weather…mentally, at least.  Dress for it, and it will come?  Not sure, but here’s to cooler days….ahead!






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