Happy moments…happy words…

When I made the decision to start a business venture, I had to straighten my back and know that what I was doing was for my fulfillment, my satisfaction, and my desire to be of service.  I knew  I had a God-given talent, and I knew I was passionate about what I desired to do.  I also knew it would most likely be a slow process and it would cause me some anxiety; if for no other reason than I wanted a happy client.

I asked myself many questions before I started and got the word out about the business.  One of the main questions I asked myself was what did I expect from the business.  I knew I had to have definite expectations and I knew I had to have goals in mind in order to have a gauge for satisfaction and triumph at the end of the day, month, year, and years.  I also knew I needed confidence in my ability at the end of the day.  I was sure women would expect excellence if they were paying for it and I considered I would have to stand tall in the face of an argument about the shirt from college she still wanted to wear publicly.

One thing my daughter suggested was that I do a goal board.  It helped me to be visual with my goals and expectations.  It also made me “put it out there” so I wouldn’t forget how high I wanted to reach!  It had a major impact on me then, and still does when I look at my board, to see the goals I have completed and goals I am still stretching myself to attain.  

The reason for this post today is because I have attained a goal that was not really visual, but more in my heart.  Today, a lady called me, wanting to set up an appointment for a closet consultation and work.  But it was her words that really resonated in my heart.  She told me she did not know I did this, but “several”  women had recommended me and told her to call me if she was serious about a new look and a clean space.  This beautiful lady is at a new time in her life; last daughter leaving this weekend for college, and it is the empty nest and a new chapter for her and her husband.  She knows she has neglected herself and now is ready to concentrate on her closet and her wardrobe.  These were her words.

My desire is for women to know their potential, know they can look the way they dream of looking and have a closet they love.  It continues to make me smile as I see another set of shoulders straighten and another woman smile as she looks in the mirror.  This is your time….give me a call!

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