My Friday Favorite……Suede Protector

If anyone took a look in my closet, they might be surprised at the number of booties and boots I own.  I hesitate to even broach this subject for concern people may take this statement the wrong way.  Please understand, as I am not being boastful.  I sincerely hope to get this message across by the end of this post.

The last time I was in Nordstrom in Austin, I ended up in the shoe department…..shocker,  I know!  At the check out counter I noticed a product I had seen online.  It was a spray protectant for Suede.  I had read reviews and taken note earlier to be sure to inquire about this product.  shop hereimg_1202

When I buy a new pair of shoes or boots of any kind, a lot of consideration goes into the purchase.  I usually go ahead and spend a little more on shoes because I know my history with said shoes.  If I love the shoes, I can assure you they will be worn for years.  I truly have shoes, especially boots and booties, I have had 10 years.  This is also my reason for talking of outstanding sales!  I want to save money just like the rest of the world and I love a good sale.  I am willing to shout it from the “blog post” when I know  of a great sale!

I intentionally work to care for everything  I have been privileged to own.  I am thankful for all I have, and try to take nothing for granted.  Shoes are just one example.  I can also share that I  have regretted not taking care of shoes when they ended up with water spots.  When I discover a product I love, I am willing to share my love and get others thoughts on the product or a product they love even more.

Before the winter season comes, I would encourage you to look into this product if you have new suede boots.  It is also good for the shoes you already have that need to be protected from rain, snow, and wet weather of any kind.  The product is easy to use.  I did not buy the brush because i already own a shoe brush, but, if you don’t, this would be a good item to invest in also.

I have made up my mind that spending a small amount of time to insure the beauty of my suede boots will certainly be worth the price of this product and also worth my time. Knowing I can protect my beautiful new boots so easily makes me think “Why wouldn’t I?”

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