Let’s just get graphic

Yes, I live in the part of Texas where rain has been going on since last Friday and flooding is all around me.  I am not directly flooded and do not expect to be, but I have many friends, and family, that are being affected in dire ways.  We continue to pray and believe this will be over soon and lives can start to get back on track. It will be a long, slow process, but we never know how strong we are until…. #texasstrong

I decided to just show a little of my attitude in the face of Harvey and hopefully, put a few smiles on some sorrowful faces.  I have cleaned, read, cooked, and eaten way too much.  My walking has come to an abrupt halt but I may soon grab a rain jacket, put on my rain boots and take a hike….while not so quietly telling Harvey to take a hike too!!!! #harveyweareoveryou

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I am confident that one day soon the sun will shine, the skies will burst forth with a beautiful glow of a warm sun and all will be well in our homes again.  In the time until, remember there are many people that can use our prayers, our hugs, and our love.  A smile is sunshine to many right now.




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