This day…

Well……here we are in Southeast Texas still realing from a storm named Harvey.  Nothing have I ever experienced in my lifetime like this, although I have now seen more storms than I care to recall.  Living 150 miles from Houston and 70 miles from Beaumont, we have cried with each city…….and that doesn’t even begin to touch Rockport, one of our favorite places, which was actually the site of the hurricanes entrance to our great state.

  Harvey was not a welcome guest, and yes, we Texans have a big, welcoming hello and hug for guests from everywhere!  This guy came in uninvited and decided to hang out and wander around way toooooo long!  

When we first heard our area might have some impact from the storm, I started my preparations like everyone else.  Looked in my freezer, made some mental notes,  asked my husband about a few preparations like batteries, water, gasoline, and medicines I needed to be refilled.  I also ask him for his reassurance and hugs because they help keep me grounded.  Also, I decided to download a few more books on kindle, just in case.  We were without electricity 22 days during hurricane Rita, so we do have a little knowledge and knowledge is power.  We did what we could and we waited.

I decided to start writing things down some observations about myself while this storm was going on and found some interesting facts I decided to share.  May not be interesting to you, but I decided I wanted to keep the facts to remember and document.

  • I do not want to talk when I am in the middle of a storm…..I  already knew this about myself, because it is the way I am when I am ill or concerned for my family.  Some people need to talk, some people need to tell what might go wrong, some people need to make jokes to make light of the situation….me, I just want to be quiet.
  • After I have spent the time I need being quiet, and who knows what that time frame is, I need to clean.  Don’t ask me why, but cleaning is healing and seems to set things in order for me.  I need to know that all is in order that I can create order in. I am not talking about cleaning a kitchen counter, I am talking cleaning windows, cleaning crystal, straightening drawers, and even decluttering to take to the shelter.  Realizing, it could all be gone in a moment, but nevertheless, cleaning is therapy for me.
  • Next comes cooking…I love to cook, love to bake, and I find much healing in my kitchen.  The smell of cookies baking, the smell of a pot of soup simmering on the stovetop, bring peace to me.  It’s also healing to me to try to discover what I can create with what is already in my pantry and freezer.  It is amazing how much food is in my home when I feel like I need to go to the grocery store.  I also realized how much comfort food I want.  Bacon, eggs, pancakes, biscuits, gravy, hamburgers that have a bit more grease than normal, seemed to be the food I wanted to be eating.  Always good food, but not food I usually crave.
  • I do not relax….one might think, “I would give anything for a week of rain to sit and read, clean, or cook.”  Perhaps there are those who could sit with a book and relax.  Oh, I might just envy you!  I work hard to keep myself at peace.  I am happy to say I do this better than I used to, but it is a genuine moment by moment decision for me.  I no longer allow myself to let the “what ifs” come in.  When they do, I utter a prayer.  I try very hard to look only at today.  I have learned this is the best suggestion for me, and I am sure our Lord asks this of us.  Living in today because today has enough worries of its own has become my goal.  I have discovered most of my anxiety is not in today’s problems, but the ones I decided to worry about that just might come up tomorrow.  Tomorrow is not promised and why do I need to try to fix tomorrow anyway????
  • I love to burn a scented candle….it was a small thing, but every morning my sweet husband would light my favorite candle and I cannot tell you the smile it brought to my heart…❤️❤️❤️
  • I am growing in my faith……this makes my heart swell!!!   I can truly tell you, the storms of life, no pun intended, have brought my faith walk to a sounder place.  I have not attained perfection and I know I won’t ever be perfect in this, but the ability to allow my faith to settle my fears is a gift I am so thankful for.  A foundation stronger because of trials, heartaches, and loss have given me this faith.  To me, it seems this is how it works for most of us.  Trials do strengthen us and if we live long enough, we will have trials.  The great news is that they can change me for the better if I allow the process.
  • I have learned I cannot predict or plan the future…..goes along with prior point but I am one who does like a plan, and likes to see my plan work out.  Well guess what….sometimes it just doesn’t even matter!  
  • I have a huge family that love me and they don’t all share my last name…I am richly blessed!  
  • The smallest act of generosity or kindness can change a life…..hugs and smiles are free!!!
  • Now abideth, FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE………the greatest of these is ❤️ ❤️❤️
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