The little things…

It has almost seemed insensitive to me to keep blogging about fashion, makeup, and closet cleaning when the world around me is still whirling because of this guy named Harvey.  We would all just love to forget his name, forget his behavior, and forget what happened to our towns, and our people. It is not possible though.  There is much left to be done and there will be brighter days ahead.  This I know for sure and sometimes we have to actively force our minds to this brighter day.

One thing I always encourage my client about is to honestly realize how something makes her feel when she tries it on for me while working in her closet or when we are shopping.  It is usually obvious to me from the moment she steps out.  Her shoulders are either back, with a smile on her face, or just the opposite is happening; shoulders are somewhat slouched and there is certainly no smile on the face.  I usually ask my client to tell me what she is feeling.  Does this particular outfit make her feel like she is beautiful?  Does this outfit make her feel awful about everything in her life?  Clothes can truly make or break the start of our day. While all these things seem so small, they can make such an impact on us in the day-to-day.

It does not take new clothes daily, it doesn’t take tons of money.  It takes time, it takes want to, and it takes help, sometimes, to clean out, toss, and honestly decide what we want for ourselves.  When our closet is finally down to the items we love, the items that fit just right, the items that make us feel the very best presentation of ourself, it makes a huge difference in our daily life.  Sometimes there is so much clutter it can bring anxiety to us.  At times, we cannot even find items in our closet as we are hurriedly trying to get dressed in the morning.  These are stress factors we just don’t need in our life.               img_1275

There is so much around us we cannot control but I am one who likes to take control of what I can to bring joy and peace to myself.  I am convinced a clean, orderly closet can do that.  If this post resonates with you, I am a phone call away.  We can have such a fun day and your beautiful, orderly closet will bring a peace you may just be looking for…..

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