My Friday Favorite……a beautiful bed

I love a beautiful bed!

What defines a beautiful bed to me may be different from your description of a beautiful bed.  I love a beautiful set of sheets with a ridiculous thread count.  I love a beautiful duvet with a filling that makes the bed look like a marshmallow plush.  And I love a ridiculous number of pillows that do nothing for the bed in a mans eyes, but for a woman, one more is never too many.  Perhaps most important, I love the smell of fresh, clean sheets.

I am fortunate to work one day a week in a fun boutique.  The name is “The Unique Boutique”.   One of the lines carried is TYLER CANDLES.  This line has a linen wash that is beyond description.  There are several scents in the line, but my favorite is Diva.  I always have a diva candle ready to burn, one in the cabinet for backup and one in my gift closet for giving.  And I always have a gallon of diva wash in my laundry room.  I would work solely to keep these items in my home!  They are a luxury that have become a necessity.


This small thing makes me happy.  In recent days, I am consciously reflecting daily and realizing the small gifts I have in my life.  Gifts that I give myself, sometimes, and gifts I receive just because I am alive, well, and healthy.  At times, the smallest gesture we give others might be the fuel they need to keep moving forward.  And sometimes, loving ourselves in small ways can do much for us.  Being kind to ourselves is ok!  I believe women need to hear this at times.

Light that candle, take that bubble bath, buy the diva wash and experience a nights sleep in a world of beautiful emotion.

I encourage women as often as possible.  We are worth it and when we believe it, we will give more and who can’t gain from a giving world…❤️❤️❤️

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