Let’s Get Real….

This past weekend was a reality day for me.  

I decided it was time to take the day and turn my closet from spring/summer to fall/winter.  Although it will be quite some time before I can comfortably wear my fall clothes, it is still time to change out the white jeans, the sleeveless, pastel tops, and the strappy sandals.  It is transition time.  It is probably one of my favorite times.  I am over the summer clothes and ready for a change in the mirror.  I am ready to transform a look with a bootie and throw a scarf around my neck and not feel like I am suffocating.  I am ready to drape a heavier piece of jewelry and a turtleneck sweater…..as long as it is sleeveless! 

But first things first.  The transition takes some work in the closet.  It takes asking those questions myself.  You know…those questions I talk about asking my client.  Those questions that make me get honest about how I feel when I put that jacket on, how I feel when I decide I just cannot get rid of the sweater I know I only wore once.  The same sweater I should have never bought, but decided I needed it because it was on sale.  Yes, I get caught up in the excitement of the sale too and many times it just doesn’t pay.  Also, asking how long has it been since I wore that structured jacket,  and the realization that my own lifestyle has changed.  I don’t need the professional look I did at one time and I don’t need the dress heels that used to be fine when I sat behind a desk. 

I like the changes I made.  I purged a lot more than I have in quite sometime and it felt really good.  I tried on clothes, I talked to myself, and I made some decisions about future spending.  I made notes of what I needed.  Purging really does rid of us some stress.  A clean closet where I can easily see my choices literally feels like a weight is gone.   I made decisions about my shopping habits and I look forward to the subtle changes I can make now.  I put away my summer bag and I wait, expectantly, for the first cold snap!  I played with scarves and changed up some looks with different jewelry choices.  Small changes and a whole new look!

My closet looks great and I am happy with my weekend work.  It took a few hours and I am satisfied!  How about your closet? 

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