My Friday Favorite….Travel Takes

While packing for a weekend getaway, I began to think about the things I take with me every time I leave home.  Those things that I just cannot leave behind and those things that make me happy wherever I may roam.  I wondered if all women feel the same and thought it would be fun to put it out there for your feedback.

I love getaways and I am really happy if it is even one night away.  I love my home and I love my bed, but I do love travel.  I believe getaways are good for the soul.  I love conversations that happen away from the day to day home setting and I am always surprised by the relaxation that comes when we drive or fly away.

There are a few things that bring a smile to my face when I unpack.img_1301

  • Travel candle…..Notice…..#1 on my list. I have mentioned before how I love candles and no matter where I go, I will always have a candle ready to burn.   It makes me feel special, appreciated by my own self, and just a little more feminine.
  • Lingerie bag…..I found a company years ago that make the most beautiful silk envelopes to carry your lingerie in.  I like all of my things contained instead of floating around in my suitcase.  I am one who unpacks and places things ina drawer in a hotel and I like to place my silk envelope in the drawer.  This envelope also has a small sachet in it to keep everything smelling very beautiful…..
  • Beautiful pajamas…..I am not one who like to travel with a robe that takes up lots of space, so I am always on the search for beautiful pajama sets.   I look for sets I am comfortable in, no matter the company.
  • Silk pillowcase…..I use a silk pillowcase at home and decided there was absolutely no reason to not have one to slip over the pillow in a hotel room.  If you have never slept on a silk pillowcase, you should!   You will be so happy and so will your hair!
  • My favorite bar soap…..there are times, I want to use the hotel soap, but not always….sounds very particular, I am sure, but I make no apologies.  I love a beautiful bar of soap and I am happy to furnish that myself if the hotel does not have one I love.😏  It is just an indulgence I love.

I am one who loves to enjoy the small things in life.  Many times , they are not that expensive, they are just pleasures I have discovered and love.  I take the time to appreciate all things feminine.  I celebrate being a woman and all that means to me.  Many beautiful things are experienced in my role as a woman and I celebrate all of them!  What is it you just cannot leave home without?

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