My Friday Favorite….Hair Renewed

Last Sunday morning I was drying my hair and suddenly I heard a loud pop.  I can assure you, the first thing I did was look at my hair to make sure it was not on fire.  The dryer started vibrating in my hand, but it was still blowing warm air, so I continued on with the task of getting the hair dry.  When you have only one dryer in the home, this is one of those desperate times when you hope you can get the job finished.  With a whispered prayer, I finished the task!

Many years ago, my daughter was home and needed to borrow a hair dryer.  She was very unimpressed with my hair dryer and asssured me I was burning my hair and ruining it.  I had gotten used to my dryer and just thought this was the way dryers worked.  My hair was pretty frazzled looking, I must admit.  I am not sure she didn’t put a jinx on my dryer because shortly after, it died. 

 I had seen a talk show with women raving over a new dryer on the market called the T3 dryer.  The women were all talking about their love for this new dryer.  I recalled this information when I was in need and told my daughter this was what I wanted for my birthday.  She got it for me and decided to try it out first.  She loved it so much she immediately went back to Sephora and got one for herself.

Sometimes we dont realize what a difference can be made until we have the opportunity to try something new.  This dryer has helped with the frizz and my hair feels much healthier.  It also dryers faster with less heat.

If you are in the market for a new hair dryer, or any other hair tools, I would suggest looking into the T3 products.  They are an investment you will be happy you made.

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